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  • Don't tell me about my world. Don't tell me about my world.

  • I mean you just want to have your little fling with like the guy from the other side of town

  • and then you're gonna go off to Stanford, you're gonna marry some rich prick who your parents will approve of

  • and just sit around with the other trust fund babies and talk about how you went slummin' too once.

  • Why are you saying this?

  • What is your obsession with this money?

  • My father died when I was thirteen and I inherited this money

  • You don't think everyday I wake up, and I wish that I could give it back

  • that I would give it back in a secondif it meant that I could have one more day with him?

  • But I can't and that's my life and I deal with it

  • so don't put your shit on me when you're the one that's afraid!

  • I'm afraid?…wha, wha, what am I afraid of? What the fuck am I afraid of?

  • You're afraid of me, you're afraid that I won't love you back.

  • You know what?! I'm afraid, too!

  • Fuck it! I want to give it a shot and at least I'm honest with you!

  • I'm not honest with you?

  • No, what about your twelve brothers?

  • All right.

  • No, you're not going. You're not leaving.

  • Whattya want to know?! What?! That I don't have twelve brothers?!

  • YeThat I'm a fuckin' orphan?!

  • I didn't know that.

  • No, you don't want to hear that. I didn't know that.

  • No, you don't wanna hear that. You don't wanna hear that I had fuckin' cigarettes put out on me when I was a little kid.

  • Honey, I didn't know that.

  • That this isn't fuckin' surgery! That the mother fucker stabbed me!

  • You don't wanna hear that shit, Skylar!

  • Don't tell me you wanna hear that shit! I want to hear it because I want to help you

  • because I want toHelp me?! What the fuck?!

  • What I got a fuckin' sign on my back that says 'save me'? No.

  • Do I look like I need that?! Noooo!

  • God, I just want to be with you! Don't bullshit me! I love you!

  • Don't bullshit me! I love you! DON'T. FUCKIN'. BULLSHIT. ME!

  • I love you.

  • I want to hear you say that you don't love me.

  • Because if you say that

  • then I won't call you.

  • and I won't… be in your life.

  • I don't love you.

Don't tell me about my world. Don't tell me about my world.

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