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Thanks, Tim.
Yeah, thank you.
So, you don´t get sticky fingers.
Tim, can you help us?
We´re trying to settle a bet.
You ever heard of Jonas Salk?
Sure. Cured polio.
And you´ve heard of Albert Einstein?
Heh, hey.
How about Gerrard Lambeau? Ever heard of him?
Thank you, Tim.
So who won the bet?
I did.
This isn´t about me, Sean.
I´m nothing compared to this young man.
You ever hear of Gerrard Lambeau?
In 1905 there were hundreds of professors renowned
for their study of the universe,
but it was a- it was a 26 year old Swiss patent clerk
doing physics in his spare time who changed the world.
Can you imagine if Einstein would have given that up
just to get drunk with his buddies in Vienna every night?
We all would have lost something.
Tim would never have heard of him.
Pretty dramatic, Gerry.
No it isn´t, Sean.
This boy has that gift.
He just hasn´t got the direction, but we can give that to him.
Hey, Gerry. In the 1960´s there was a young man
gratulated from the University of Michigan.
Did some brilliant work in mathematics.
Specifically bounded harmonic functions.
Then he went to Berkeley, was assistent professor,
showed amazing potential, then he moved to Montana
and he blew the competition away.
Yes, so who was he?
Ted Kaczynski.
Never heard of him.
Hey, Timmy!
Who´s Ted Kaczynski?
That´s exactly what I´m talking about.
We gotta give this kid direction.
He can contribute to the world and...
and we can help him do that.
Direction´s one thing. Manipulation´s another. All right?
We have to let him find his own...
Sean! I´m not sitting at home every night twisting my
mustache and hatching a... hatching a plan
to ruin this boy´s life.
I was doing advanced mathematics when I was...
when I was 18, and it still took me over 20 years to do
something worthy of a Fields medal.
Well, maybe he doesn´t want what you want?
There´s more to life than a fucking Fields medal.
This is too important, Sean.
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Good Will Hunting (8/12) Movie CLIP - Direction & Manipulation (1997) HD

6 Folder Collection
Takaaki Inoue published on June 4, 2020
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