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Alright, Chuck.
What the fuck is the point in your story?
You know, he got away.
That´s the point.
Alright, well, question:
Are you- are you fucking...
Come on, stop.
I´m trying to clarify something, probably you´re too embarrassed to ask
´cause you know it doesn´t make any sense!
It does make sense if you listen to the story and quit asking questions!
Well, but let´s see if you can get this one.
I´ve got a little story for you.
There´s an old couple in bed.
Mary and Paddy.
And they wake up on the morning of their...
fiftieth anniversary.
And Mary looks over and gazes adoringly at Paddy,
she´s like, "Aw Jesus, Paddy. You´re such a good looking feller.
I love you. I want to give you a little present.
Anything your little heart desires,
I´m going to give it to you.
What would you like?
Paddy´s like,
"God, gee, Mary. That´s a very sweet offer.
Now in fifty years, there´s one thing that´s been missing.
And eh, I would like you to give me a blow job.
I would like that."
And Mary´s like,
She takes her teeth out, puts them in the glass,
and she gives him a blow job.
And afterwards, Paddy´s like,
"Ah, geez, now THAT´S what I´ve been missing.
That was the most beautiful, Earth shattering thing ever!
Beautiful Mary, I love you!
Is there anything that I can do for you?"
And Mary looks up to him and she goes,
"Give us a kiss"
Oh my God.
That´s filthy.
It´s not that filthy, I´ve heard filthier.
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Good Will Hunting (7/12) Movie CLIP - Skyler's Joke (1997) HD

18 Folder Collection
Takaaki Inoue published on June 4, 2020
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