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  • -We are on Chicago and 38th.

  • We're kind of giving back to the community, giving out water.

  • People have donated food.

  • People have donated everything.

  • We're kind of just helping each other out and rallying together as a community right now.

  • -We need to stand together with each other.

  • -We're on 38th and Chicago, right outside of Cup Foods, which is where the killing of our brother George Floyd occurred.

  • We got about I'd say like 2,000 people out here.

  • So peaceful. -You want cold water?

  • -I'm good.-Are you sure?

  • You need it. It's hot.

  • Every single day that I've been out, it's been peaceful.

  • We protest peacefully.

  • We're here to serve justice for injustice.

  • -Stay safe, alright? -That's why we're here.

  • And this is the story that we need to show, 'cause this is the real Minnesota family.

  • Justice means community.

  • Justice means loving each other, no matter what background you have.

  • -Yup. -It doesn't matter what race you are, what creed, anything.

  • What we saw was inhumane, and we have to show humanity in this community.

  • -You stand on a man's neck for eight minutes while your cop friends are just standing there, saying, "It's okay."

  • -That's murder. -"You're taking this man's life.

  • It's okay."

  • -The autopsy shows that he was killed.

  • -Water?

  • -Eight minutes. -Water?

  • -Eight whole minutes, someone was kneeling on his neck.

  • You're gonna tell me that he just died because of his personal conditions?

  • That does not make sense.

  • -Water!

  • -It lit a fire under the butts of America.

  • And I hate to say it, but everybody has a purpose in life, and I think that his death was to light a fire under this country.

  • And at the end of the day, nations were built on blood.

  • This is a fact.

  • And something needs to change in this country right now, and people are motivated.

  • It's sad that it takes somebody dying to motivate a country.

  • But at the end of the day, that's the reality that we have to deal with.

  • -It's been ups and downs, but, like, to bring out this many people, to see, like, we are really a city and we really do have a chance to stand on something and get something done, why not take the opportunity?

  • It's sad, you know, but it ain't the first time that a black man has died, you know?

  • But it's Minneapolis.

  • We've been waiting for something like this for so long, and now we have a reason to be out here.

  • But it just gets too much when you start destroying, taking away from people.

  • Like, you don't got to do that to get your point across.

  • -Although we don't want people burning our communities, although we don't want people vandalizing, everybody expresses themselves in different ways.

  • -If people are looting, if people are breaking things, that's not what we condone.

  • But, I mean, that's an anger that's been built for years and years and centuries, and it's just --a business can be rebuilt, but a life can't be rebuilt, right?

  • -Exactly.

  • -So we know we can bring our community back, but a life we can't bring back.

  • -Hands up! -Don't shoot!

  • -Hands up! -Don't shoot!

  • -Hands up! -Don't shoot!

  • -We all want change -- you know, drastic, immediate change -- and we're ready to ride.

  • So, you know, we have a lot of people still out here, maybe 300 to 500, and we're holding it down.

  • We're speaking. We're rallying.

  • We're empowered. We're confident.

  • We're strong.

  • -Say his name! -George Floyd!

  • -What do we want? !

  • -Justice!

  • -We're a stronghold.

  • If we stop, other places might lose the fire.

  • You know, I feel like we're the coal.

  • The fire can go out, but the coal is so hot, you just blow on it a couple times and the fire's right back on it.

  • -Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

  • Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

-We are on Chicago and 38th.

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At the site of George Floyd's death, anger still burns

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