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Hi, Bob the Canadian here.
Would you like a chance to win free English lessons
with me later this summer?
I was sitting around the other day thinking, what can I do
to help some of my viewers improve their English?
And I don't normally give one-on-one English lessons
because I have a job, I am an actual teacher.
From September until June, I teach.
I'm a high school teacher here in Ontario, Canada.
But in July and August I don't have to go to work.
Teachers in Canada get two months off every year,
so I thought it would be a good idea
to have a contest, to run a contest that you can enter
and the prize would be a chance to have some English lessons
with me during the months of July and August.
So, watch this video all the way till the end.
I will give you all the details, I will explain the contest
in its entirety, and you'll want to watch till the end
because I'll be holding things up from time to time.
These are keys, this is the first item I'm holding up,
and you'll need to know all the items I hold up
in order to enter the contest.
Anyways, stick around and I'll give you all the details.
(light music)
Well hey, I'm super excited about this contest
and I wanted to start by explaining to you
what the prizes are.
There are three prizes for this contest.
Third prize will be six lessons
with me on Skype or FaceTime or Zoom.
It would be one lesson per week
and the lesson would be 10 minutes long
and it would take place in July and August.
Second prize would be almost the same,
it would be six 15 minute English lessons with me
on Skype or FaceTime or Zoom.
It would take place in July and August
and it would be one lesson per week.
And first prize is going to be six English lessons with me
on Skype or FaceTime or Zoom
and the lesson will be 30 minutes long
and it will also take place once a week in July and August.
So those are the prizes.
I think they're great prizes.
I think whoever wins these prizes will be super excited.
So I will now hold up the second thing, this is a mug,
this is the second thing that you will need to know
in order to enter this contest.
So you're probably wondering how do you enter this contest?
Well let me give you some of the details.
First of all, I should tell you,
because I'm giving away lessons for free,
I am expecting you to do some things for me.
So the first thing that I need you to do
is watch this video all the way till the end.
As I mentioned, I'm going to be holding things up
during this video, this is the third thing, it is a pen,
and you will need to know all of the things
that I held up during this video in order to enter.
The second thing that you should do is you should comment
on at least three of my videos.
So you can comment on this video,
maybe you've already commented on a couple of other videos,
then you're good.
So when I choose the winner, I'm then going to make sure
that person has commented on at least three of my videos.
And the comment can be from today, it can be from last week,
the comments can be from last year, it doesn't matter
as long as you've commented at least three times.
The other thing that I'm going to ask all of you to do
is to share one or two of my videos.
Now I can't check if you did this
but I can see how many shares per day happen on my channel
and I do wanna see that go up a little bit.
So I'm not sure that's a lot to ask
but I'm sure it's something that you can do.
The other thing I would love for you to do
is to click the thumbs up on this video.
Let's see how many likes this video can get.
It would be awesome if it got two or three times more likes
than a video normally does.
Also, in order to win this competition,
you must be a subscriber.
It doesn't matter if you're a new subscriber,
or a long-term subscriber, but you do have to click
that red subscribe button
and you must be a subscriber of this channel.
You do not need to be a member.
You only need to be a subscriber and being a subscriber
of this channel is totally free.
And then lastly, there will be a form in the description.
There is a link to a form that you can use
to enter this contest.
There will be some other requirements
that you will have to fulfill.
I am going to ask you a few questions
about things that I taught in some of my previous videos,
so you might have to go back
and watch two of my previous videos
so you know how to answer those questions.
You will have to give me a valid email address
so that I can contact you if you win this competition,
and you should know that that email address
will not be used for anything else.
It will only be used to contact you if you are the winner.
There's a spider in front of my camera,
just a sec, there we go.
And lastly, you have to be willing
to share your YouTube username and you have to be willing
to have your name published if you win,
so I would like to be able to announce you as the winner.
So just to recap, you need to watch this whole video,
did I hold the pen up already?
That's the third thing.
You must have commented on at least three of my videos,
you need to share one or two of my videos,
you need to click like on this video,
you must be a subscriber, and you must fill in the form
that is linked in the description
where you'll be asked a few things about other videos,
I'll need your email address, your YouTube username,
and please only enter once.
Don't play little tricks where you enter
a whole bunch of times to increase your chance of winning.
If you enter more than once and I figure it out
and I think I have way to figure it out,
you'll be disqualified.
That means that you won't be able to win.
So hopefully you got all that
and hopefully you are ready to do a little bit of homework
and you're ready to enter this competition or contest.
So this is the fourth item, it's a pair of scissors,
and there's one more item coming up yet so stick around.
Here's some further information.
This contest will be open for the entire month of June
or almost, it's open until Friday, June 26th.
I think I got the date right.
On Friday, June 26th I will randomly draw
and Jen will observe the drawing,
I will randomly draw three winners
and I will contact them via email.
It's very important that you reply to that email.
I will announce of my community page
that I have done the draw.
If I don't hear back from you,
I might have to choose another name.
So on Friday, June 26th, I will draw three winners
for first place, second place, and third place
and I will contact those people
and I will announce all of the winners
on Tuesday, June 30th on my community tab.
So that's the gist of it.
I will contact you via email if you win
at the end of June and then in July and August
if you are a winner, you will get free English lessons
from me, Bob the Canadian.
So hopefully that all made some sense to you.
There is one more item I need to hold up
and that's this hat that says Canada on it, so there you go.
So again, if you need to know all of the details,
they are in writing in the description
so you can read all of the contest details below
if you need to, and then if you have any questions,
please ask in the comments below
and I will try to answer them.
And by the way, the hat wasn't the last item,
there's one more item coming up.
Again, the link to the form that you can use to enter
is also in the description below.
And the very last thing I'm going to hold up before I go
is my phone.
So anyways, Bob the Canadian here,
I hope that all made sense, I look forward to having a fun
and exciting month of June as I see people enter the contest
and I look forward to picking a winner at the end.
Have a good day.
I'll see you on Friday with a new live lesson
and I'll see you on Saturday with a live lesson as well.
Have a good day, bye.
(light music)
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Learn English with Bob the Canadian! A Giveaway for Free English Lessons!

14 Folder Collection
洪子雯 published on June 2, 2020
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