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Hi everyone! It's Chal.
This video is a tutorial version of a previously untitled Angel painting!
It 's too slow so it' s 1.5x instead of full speed. Please adjust the speed to see completely zero speed! That's what it's like.
And I could not put the music in for 1 hour and 40 minutes so the music kept repeating the same music!
Rosendale sent me the music. He is a singer and composer. Thanks to Rosendale, I will leave his channel address and if you like the music, please subscribe!
Lets start!
At first, I think about the figure of the person, and let me put the rough base of the color.
I've been asked a lot of questions about why I always start with black and then start.
In my style, when I start with dark colors first, it is easier to describe and more easy to stereoscopic. Everyone has a taste difference, and I always work in a dark color base -> bright color contrast order. On the contrary, there are many people who work with a light color base -> dark contrast.
After drawing the silhouette, I draw a face. As you can see, I hold my face in the shape of a square box.
What we often learn in lectures is to draw a cross-hair by holding the head in a circle. If you have difficulty in contouring or symmetry when you draw with circles, it might be more convenient to draw in squares than to draw in unexpected circles.
I think that it is much easier to understand if you think of complex objects such as faces or human bodies divided into rescue units and made of simple elements like shapes. In that sense, if you draw a face with a square box, you can use a little angled shape to draw the skeleton relatively easily in the face.
It is your own way to draw in circles or draw in any other shape. I like to draw it in a way that I think it is easier for you to understand the structure. I draw squares with the best squares, and if you try to understand the structure in a different format, maybe it will be your useful personality.
I also think that differences in such minor ways are also significant factors in creating personality.
Now draw your face. It's an interesting step. It marks the eyes, nose, and mouth black.
Do you feel the usefulness of square boxes?
As you can see, I mostly use the one layer working method. If you want to draw a picture using cotton instead of line drawing in this one layer method,
At first, do not worry about drawing beautifully. When I look at my pictures, the faces I picked up at first are a bit scary, jiggly or obscure. It's literally thrown in the process as much as you think it is.
In the case of a line drawing, the first thing to do is to take the line from the sketch to the finish This is not true for the one-layer cotton method. In the same way as I do, the way I throw a lump I do not think it is necessary to fix and change the face from the beginning of the lump to make it beautiful from the beginning. Even if you just throw as much as you need, it gets better and better as you draw more and more.
Unexpectedly, that part seems to be very difficult. How we can complete it in the future I think it was a great help to do a lot of work in the end. Before that, I went to the mountain and I had a lot of failures.
Also, about this kind of working method, it is very unfamiliar to those who used to do it. What do you call it? How do you do it? If the line work method is framed by a line, it is cotton that is framed by a line. I do not know the exact name. You know how to do it, but as you know, In the process, it is important to attach flesh, describe it, and conceive it.
From now on I will go into the face description, It 's my turn to make beautiful.
I am mainly a shadow between the nose and eyebrows, a shadow around the lips and lips, eyeballs I will describe it like this! Of course, that would be your taste, right?
Hehe .. Skype
I do not know what to write down, so I think it would be great if you were doing live streaming with you.
It is the moment when laughter flies to my face. ..
I like flushing. Because I can feel the vigor that was not present when I mixed red I think it helps a lot when I draw.
If you look at the right layer window, you can see that the same layer is copied. I wondered why he keeps copying and keeps it underneath.
That's a backup. My method only uses one layer, so I'll revert back to the previous one There is a big limit when I want to. There is a limit because it is one.
Punch line;
If you want to make a big change while working, you can easily solve the backup problem by pressing the ' This is what happens. This is my wisdom.
In fact, the book says it is good to do so.
Some of you may be wondering what this color scheme is. This way of drawing the picture in black and white and putting the color later is called 'glazing'. In my case, it is fun to draw like that, and there is a deeper sense of depth than coloring I'm mainly working on this.
But sometimes I feel uncomfortable sometimes. I usually do not get well when the number of characters is large. So I'm studying hard these days.
I've been editing for hours, but the video is now 10 minutes away.
I'll continue to describe it anyway so I'll come back later!
Hair first draws a solid color on a dark base. Black hair day In some cases, I only get highlights in black. In the case of hair, there are people who draw with a lump, I think the way to understand and express the element is very different for each writer.
There are often people who interpret very originally. First of all, I think it would be great if I could do such an interpretation myself.
It feels like a very clit ...
Why do not you guys see what happens? I have a scene I would like to know If there is no description, please leave a comment!
Now ... I am worried about the shape of the bangs so hard.
The music came back to the beginning,
The tool I'm using now is called the Dodge Tool. The keyboard shortcut is O and you can use Alt You can use the opposite tool.
This tool brightens the brightness of the area to be painted. Just be careful because there is some saturation loss. There is nothing to be aware of when glazing. Conversely, burn the area where the tool is painted, darken the brightness, and increase the saturation. The rumor is that the description may be crushed. Both are very useful tools if you use them wisely.
When is this friend going to paint? I do not really understand.
A fierce battle with one side of the head
I'm going to paint now!
Have you ever seen the future because I was bored? Since I'm coloring from the 36th minute, I will move to it.
I saw the future!
The layer on the right side is soft light. In fact, I always used overlay only when I was doing coloring.
When I tried Soft Light, I found a really new world. First of all, if you have used overlay, you will know that all parts are not uniformly entered but depend on brightness. There is a characteristic that colors get a little differently. You can use this feature to make pretty corrections I was personally uncomfortable with coloring.
In addition, the overlay has a feeling that the color itself comes out sharply. It's a completely different taste, but I like it relatively soft and calm. by the way?! The soft layer is literally softer and enters uniformly regardless of brightness So, I feel it is much smoother and more obscure than overlay.
It's not a home shopping ad. If you're overly concerned with overlays or other layers, try using a soft layer The But there are also shortcomings. Because the color spreads evenly regardless of brightness, the description tends to be crushed, It can also become a bitch. I need to use it well.
It is very good if you put red light around the nose area and around the eyes. It makes me lively.
It's still a bit dark and dull for coloring. I usually put the color through several steps. One of them is the color of soft light.
This window, which I use very briefly now, is a feature called pixel fluidization. As you can see, you can stretch and transform the pixels in that layer to a single layer. I have a very high pixel dependency dependence. You can change the pixel later, so you just throw it in the beginning. Also. It's a must-have feature in my picture.
The reason I did not draw the line is because of the pixel fluidization. I was very weak in the sketch It is. So I needed to make corrections while I was drawing. As you can see in the picture, To fix it, I need to fix the real sprock and it is not hard. So when you draw a picture then you can conveniently modify it It's made of rock cotton and one layer. As a result, I think it gave me great growth.
In my own way, I think that I was able to reflect deeply on my lack of self and coped well with it. And that changed my painting life by 180 degrees, so I could not help but emphasize it to somebody. I think it really is really important. I am thinking about how to draw a picture in any direction.
So the pixel fluidization shortcut is Ctrl + Shift + X.
It's a linear dodge (add) layer that I use now. This is a lot to explain, When filled in black, the paint is painted very similar to the luminescent layer of the tool.
At this time, I always put light into the linear dodge after this soft layer.
This linear dodge layer has a good color and a strange color when used for coloring. So, at first, I often paint golden colors and green colors and then change color later.
Continue coloring with soft light
Do not you know why I speed up?
I'm tired ... ㅜ
It's so hard to edit, it's boring, so there are a lot of people who want you to make it. Maybe I will not make it again.
Now this window is a color balance function that you can use with Ctrl + B. It's not just changing the hue and brightness. Because it changes the combination of colors, you can really change the color.
But I honestly do not know the features of Photoshop so I always use the same thing.
Turn on the layer of light I painted earlier and trim it to fit well. The linear dodge layer is black because it is not computed. Painting can make you feel like you're painting an eraser. Use that point to polish.
But let's just erase it and do it again
This is the reason I draw it dark at first. It's because I can really get my sense of depth in this process.
Anyway, the key to my coloring approach is these two things. 1. Soft Light 2. Linear Dodge (add) Sprinkle the color first with a soft light, and it is a formula that finishes with a linear dodge.
If you like it, I will add layers together.
There is a way to finish the glazing in full black and white until the end, There is a way to portray a little bit of black and white like me, and then to put in colors and redraw it. That's why I always called it half glazing. The front part is roughly glazing.
I now describe it in color. This is the way I used to do in the past, so now it's a little different.
If you like it, put it together in one layer.
It is very important function. Since I knew this function, it became much easier to put in color. It's called camera low. I can really change a lot of things like color, brightness, and so on. I think it's the most advanced feature I know of Photoshop. The keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + Shift + A I can apply only one layer.
It's really useful!
How do you draw your eyes as much as possible in this video? How do you draw your mouth? I do not explain the same thing. I draw with something. Yo? Is a good question, but how do you draw it? I think it's a bad question.
You have to know which snowcope you are going to draw. I do not think anyone can decide what to do or follow.
I just want to see music for about 10 minutes without music. I'm not bothering you at all. I am not bothering you.
Draw a border around the border. I've heard a lot of stories about my painting style as Mutenabanmute.
I do not know well where I first came from, but I do not think I have much to say. I have never thought of dividing a picture with a border by this time. I do not draw in areas where there is no clear need for boundaries, and the boundaries are ambiguous, so I paint them where I need them.
So it might be more useful for some people to draw without distinction.
Flush is the best. . .
I like transparency and I want to be transparent and always face to face. So if you apply your skin color to the area around your face with a soft brush, it will feel very transparent.
This is a very important task here.
If you light this light with a soft light I feel soft and unique soft motif Mochimochi. I feel completely comfortable. . .
Something is like a soft-lite advertisement.
Looking for a color combination that looks transparent and crystal clear
Now it's the finishing touch. After creating the multiplication layer, please pour the color of your desired atmosphere.
If it is dark this time. It should not be too dark or too bright.
Use linear dodge (add) to light up. This has been my most important task for a long time. I used the luminescent layer when working with the tool.
Then you can change the color and the mood by changing the color of the dodge layer and the layer below it.
Chan! ???? Multiply Layer + Linear Dodge (add)
I am looking for the best combination while adjusting the two-layer offer city with a little click or over feeling.
The character is over and I can add it now, right?
But I do not always paint like this. I wanted to draw this picture like this
A picture with a background or a dark picture, etc. Depending on what you want to draw, the way you work varies a lot.
I have been drawing many different pictures recently, It was very difficult to draw a variety of pictures if you insisted on one frame. Yesterday, the Black Fox is totally different from the one that painted this picture.
If you refer to my video, you can think of it as meaningful Without being bound by the methods I've introduced I think that it would be better to draw 100% of your opinion.
All of these ways, I think I'm short on my own as I practice painting, It's my own way for everyone. Maybe not at all to others. It's a fun way to think about it. If you create creative ways to That's probably the success of my lackluster tutorial video.
It is a simple statement to draw a picture with 100% of your own opinion, but in many cases it is not actually I think. I've been there long ago. If you see a lecture or read a description, It's pretty tied up. Because the picture that the person looked at looked better than anything and looked pretty.
I wanted to be like him. I thought I wanted to do that. Every time I see each course. That's it.
But no. That's how the person expresses the beautiful things. The ultimate beauty I can express is only in my own way.
I've been doing a lot of "wrong" tutorials I wanted to make a note of this in my tutorial.
At the end of many twists and turns, I encountered my own paintings in my own way I promise you, before that, you have seen a lot of tutorials and lectures, and that's your style. Not to be compared My paintings were the best for me, and the most beautiful of all. For me to feel.
I hope you feel the same way.
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Painting tutorial - Angel (Slow version)

7 Folder Collection
吳珮頤 published on June 2, 2020
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