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  • What do women want in a man? The best way for me to answer this question is to use an analogy of a car.

  • You see, what the car looks like matters to a degree: the condition that it's in how fashionable it is how expensive it is.

  • All of these are factors.

  • Just like how the way you dress, your personal hygiene and your physique are important factors that women like in men.

  • However the most important thing to a woman is not the car itself.

  • Because if you have a nice car and just sits in the garage all day it's nowhere nearly as exciting as an average car that travels to many different places.

  • The excitement, which is the most appealing factor, lies in the journey that you take her on in your car.

  • That's why you see tons of men out there who are good-looking, who have decent amount of money, they have a nice car, but they find that very few women stay interested in them.

  • And they wonder: Why? I have everything a woman could want why do they keep leaving me?

  • Well, it's because although they do have a nice car they're not doing anything with it.

  • What women really want is to experience a ride.

  • This means having a destination.

  • This means having a goal that you are constantly pursuing, constantly driving towards.

  • Because no woman wants to sit in a nice car and ask: "Hey, what's your goal, where we going?" and hear: "Well, I don't really have a goal so we can just park here and admire this car."

  • And often times guys will make the mistake of making woman their destination in life.

  • They try so hard to get girls to like them. They dedicate more time and effort to doing this, then they do towards improving their own lives.

  • So when they finally do convince a girl to sit in their car, they find that she'll leave rather quickly.

  • The relationship doesn't go well.

  • She breaks up with you or she mentions divorce.

  • Because once she realizes that your car isn't going anywhere, that your destination in life turned out to be her,

  • she will lose all interest.

  • This is why it's so important to have some sort of destination some sort of dream it doesn't matter what it is.

  • It could be about saving the world's population of turtles or it could be about inspiring others with your banjo music.

  • It really doesn't matter what it is. As long as you believe in it and as long as you're constantly chasing after it.

  • That's what's important.

  • That's why you'll see people like starving rock band members or broke hippies having tons of beautiful women in their lives.

  • Because they have an extremely vivid dream that they are constantly pursuing.

  • The musician may never become a famous rock star and the hippie may never change the government's policies but they don't stop believing.

  • No matter what, they're still driving toward their destination at top speeds.

  • And it's this passionate pursuit of one's dreams that's irresistible to women.

  • It's exciting it's like watching a movie unravel in real life.

  • And honestly this is something that's universally attractive, not just for women.

  • So focus on yourself, discover what your destination is and start pursuing it with a passion.

  • Only then will you obtain the one thing that women want most.

What do women want in a man? The best way for me to answer this question is to use an analogy of a car.

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