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Protester: “Hands up, don't shoot.
Hands up, don't shoot.
Hands up —” [explosion]
The Third Precinct of the Minneapolis Police Department.
On fire.
Nearby businesses, ablaze.
This is how the night of May 28 unfolded.
George Floyd's arrest and death
in police custody on Monday set off protests
in the Twin Cities.
The protesters are demanding that criminal charges
be brought against the officers involved.
Protester: “Put that fist up — we're all him.
All lives matter.”
When that didn't happen on Thursday,
some demonstrators escalated their tactics …
… while others tried to keep the peace.
Police scanner audio,
and footage from outside the precinct,
provide insight into what happened.
The police shoot tear gas from grenade launchers.
“You want more of your people to die?
You [expletive] coward.
You want more of the people you're supposed to protect
to [expletive] die?
You [expletive] coward —
[expletive] you!”
This back and forth with protesters
continues for about an hour.
Around 10 p.m., the officers begin evacuating the precinct.
Crowd: “No justice, no peace.”
Protester: “Everybody get garbage — let's fill
the cops' place with garbage.”
Protester: “Burn it!”
On Friday, one former officer
was charged with murder and manslaughter
in connection with George Floyd's death.
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How a Night of Chaos in Minneapolis Unfolded | Minneapolis Protests

84 Folder Collection
Annie Huang published on June 1, 2020
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