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Let's start with a quick exercise.
I'd like you to force your face into a smile.
Don't just sit there. Actually give it a go. Force your face into a smile.
Now hold that expression.
Everyone knows that when they feel happy, they smile.
But research shows the opposite is also true.
When you force your face into a smile, you start to feel happier.
Keep smiling.
The same is true of how you talk and even walk.
If you put energy into your voice and a spring in your step,
you will suddenly feel much better.
OK, you can stop smiling now.
How do you feel? Did it work for you? I hope so.
And next time you want a quick dose of delight,
just spend thirty seconds or so behaving like a happy person.
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The Smile Test

4368 Folder Collection
Liling Lee Liling published on April 26, 2014
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