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Top of the mornin' to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye,
and welcome back to Five Nights at Freddy's VR
Hey buddy! How's it going?
This time I decided I was gonna play it
with the heartrate monitor
to see if it would add anything to it
I dunno, what's my heartrate at right now?
That's probably very high because my intro is very loud
and I can't hear myself with these headphones on
so I have to yell everything, alright
If I could stick up my fingers, I would, buddy!
I don't really know what to do
I don't know what's going to be the scariest for me now
I might repeat some of the sections I did before
Man I got really far into Five Nights at Freddy's 2
I might repeat some of these
I still haven't finished Plush Baby
I might try that, and I might try
this one. This one really freaked me out the last time, so
Let's try that
Let's try and not get scared, alright?
A lil vent repair with mangle
No problem, easy peasy, I'm a pro gamer
Let me put on my straps here though, safety first
Alright I'm strapped in and I'm strap on, let's fuck somethin'
(loudspeaker):"Welcome to vent repair!"
*warped voices*
Not listening!
I'm busy here to get my freak on!
Don't you show up right when I press this button?
H-hi? Hello?
I can't remember this
Ohhh! Okay there you are!
That is so freaky, I hate that!
Okay easy peasy, this is easy
I got this
I dunno what I'm doing again, I already forgot
That - stay back, ya bitch!
Ohh can't hear shit, captain!
Hit the fuckin' button
Am I good?
I think I'm good, I think I'm nailing it
Nailing it like your mom!
Oh, now I don't like this
I forget what to do already, I suck!
Lift that
Oh Jesus my screen flashed!
Oh lord
Don't scare me like that, ya son of a bitch
Dude what the fuck?!
blue, orange, red, green
Is that good?
I think I did it
Oh I heard ya!
Ayyy! I'm a fuckin' legend
(loudspeaker): "A perfect 72 degrees. Good job."
Thank you, thank you
(loudspeaker): "See you next time."
Perfect 72 degrees right in here in my heart
where I'm dying
Oh yay I get my gift again
Is it a good one?
Ohhh, a little Fred-bear Faz-boy, okay
Alright, it didn't scare me as much as the first time
but hopefully the heartrate is actually working
and you can see that I
am alive
My heart's actually working
My heart rate is moving along and trucking along
and everything's great
I want a hat for my birthday.
Let's do Night 3 at Five Night's at Freddy's 2
I am not going to be good at this
I can't remember Five Night's at Freddy's 1 too well, so
And people say, Listen to phone guy, he'll tell you
how to play
It's hard lets-playing and talk and hear him talk all at
the same time, alright?
*phone rings*
Shut up
This is fine
You guys already freak me out
Oh yeah, shit
Stupid marionette!
Sleep on your own time!
The thing is, I kinda remember how to play them?
Oh shit
But not perfectly
What's making noise?
Oh no
Oh no
Oh god
Oh no
ohh... ah!
Foxy! Foxy! Ah!
Flash, flash, flash!
Did that work?
Oh god
Oh god
Everything's fine!
Oh hey Chica
Oh you're very close!
Hi Fred!
Go away!
What do I do? I dunno!
Oh you're still there! Okay
No that's great, I wanted you to be.
Now there's tw - Oh!
Hi! Hi! Fuck!
Run away you little balloon bitch!
Okay okay I am wildly under-prepared for this!
Oh shit
What the fuckin' hell?
Ohhh holy fuck!
This is my establishment!
I will not be scared into submission!
Okay, okay
Everything's fine - Ahhh Jesus!
Everything's not fine!
Chica, why?
Chica go away!
Is Chica in my vent?
Oh they're gone! Okay
What's up, Faz-man?
You doin' good?
I hope so!
Thanks for coming out!
Shit! Put on the mask, ya doof!
Oh my god, it doesn't work sometimes
Hit the fucking button!
I'm not freaking out, you are!
What's up, Faz-bro?
Having a good time?
I am!
This is lovely!
This is delightful!
Go away please!
Oh Jesus oh there's two of you
Hello? Hi?
Okay okay okay
Nope nope nope
I saw you creepin' in there
Okay, manuguru is in there,
You're in there
Got it
Okay, this is fine
Come on 6am!
Ahhh Jesus!
Come on 6am!
YEAH baby!
Hooray! I'm the greatest man that ever lived
Oh sweet Jesus, okay
Night 3 at FNAF 2, done!
These are lovely!
Do do-do do-do do-dooo
My name's Bonnie, do-do-dooo
hahaha, mwah mwah mwah
Okay, bye!
(loudspeaker): "You're doing a great job and no doubt having a great time as well."
(loudspeaker): "As a reminder, please be sure to only interact with core gameplay elements..."
"and avoid anything that could potentially be considered a glitch, mistake, or embedded message..."
"from unauthorized personel."
That's you. That's you right there,
you're the unintended.
Time to do Night 4 at FNAF 2
alright that's not confusing at all, okay
bye friend!
Shut up!
(phone guy): "hello, hello?"
Where are they?
Where are they?
I heard a hello
Where are they?
God I can hear you guys like right in my ears
but you're not actually right near me
That fucking sucks, that's a dick move
Oh shit!
Oh shit!
Oh I'm hearing so many steppies
I'm hearing the pitter-patters of so many feets
Ah! Go away
Ohhh! hey
I'l deal with you in uno momento, por favor
Run away you little bitch!
Hit the button!
Oh god that's a big mangle-face, hi
What's happening? What's happening?
Ohhh, Chica!
Ohhh Chica, why?
Ahhh! Go away!
This fucking sucks!
Everything is fine.
There's two of them in here!
Oh Jesus Christ, can you go?
It's fine, it's fine, it's fine, it's fine
I'm a fucking legend, watch me do.
Hit the thing!
Oh my god, the game is fucking broken!
Are you in there? Okay, you are
No fuckin' problem, mate!
Nooo fuckin' problem, mate!
Hey Fred-man, Faz-boy
How's it going, how's it going
Everybody doin' good
Ohhhh la-la-la-la-la-la-la
Who's trying to come in my house?
Oy you're so big
Where's weathered Bonnie in all this?
Weathered Bonnie's my favorite one
We have to see weathered Bonnie once
Who's moving?
What does that mean?
Okay okay okay okay
Ohh now I feel out of control!
Ohhhh Bonnie!
Deep breaths people, deep breaths
Can BB stand for Bye Boy?
You come in the wrong house, fool!
Ohhhh baby!
Oh man
That game is actually easier in VR
Playing it regularly on the screen is hard
because it's like down, right, left
whereas this one, you can actually hold the music box
and look left and right and middle all at the same time
and the characters actually have to like
walk down to you
whereas originally, they would just show up
What'll I get?
A brand new bike?
I got a Fazbar.
oooh, nutritious!
Alright, let's try Plush Baby again
I'm determined to finish Plush Baby
I almost got there the last time
Fuckin' sucks
It's hard to see
Alright, gimme
go away
(Plush Baby): *laughs*
*mocking* hahahahaha!
I just haven't learned the locations yet
Where? Where? Where?
Ohh there's one somewhere and I'm not seeing it
oh shit, I'm so dead
(Plush Baby): "I heard your call."
Oh hi!
Am I dead?
I can't use my flashlight, oh no, oh no, I'm so dead
You got very close
(Plush Baby): "...two, one."
No! No!
Ohhh god!
Did I get it? Did I stop it?
Where'd you go?
There you are
Okay, wait for the flashlight to go up, okay
I feel like I should have like a knife or something
to defend myself with
Don't you think?
Don't you think?!
Oh god you got close!
Okay, okay, okay
Flashlight, flashlight,
be cool now, okay?
Flashlight, be a buddy!
Be a buddy now, flashlight! Keep up!
(Plush Baby): "I guess you forgot about me."
(Plush Baby): "You won't die..."
You're just gonna kill me dead! Like straight in the face.
Oh why are you so terrifying?
No! No! No!
Nothing can harm you?
Tell that to my heartrate, ya fuckin' game!
No! No, fuck that, no. No.
Ha ha. No. I'll be seeing that in my fucking sleep.
I don't like it. I don't like it, okay?
It's, it's too annoying.
See, all those tiny little girls coming in MY HOUSE
Trying to come up in MY face
Wooo mama!
Okay! Well that does it for this episode of Five Night's at Freddy's VR
Remember to go outside
and just smell the flowers
Smell the fishes
Go outside and look up at the sun
and say, "Hi, blindness."
Just enjoy your day. Enjoy your life.
Enjoy your time here on Fraggle Rock
Don't go out there and strap a heartrate monitor to your
your chest and then go into a game and pretend that
everything is fine, 'cuz it's not.
Everything's not fine. Everything's not hunky-daisies.
Oh man. What a treat, though.
At least I finished Five Night's at Freddy's 2
I actually made progress this time instead of just farting
around and not doing anything for 20 minutes
but I hope you guys enjoyed
if you did enjoy, please hit that Like button
It helps out the channel a lot
If you want to see more of Five Night's at Freddy's VR
Let me know in the comments of what you want to see next
What you want to see me do, if you want to see me try
and finish Five Night's at Freddy's 1,
or if you want to see me try Five Night's at Freddy's 3
or do some of the dark rooms, there's still a lot of stuff
left to do
And any tips and tricks and anything like that
will be very helpful
Also remember that when I'm playing in VR,
you're basically looking at this,
and everything that's around you is so much harder
to see, and when you're in the throws of
perdition, and in the throws of trepidation,
it's very hard to know what's going on.
but THANK you guys so much for watching this episode
if you LIKED it,
PUNCH that like button in the face
and high fives all around
well thank you guys, and I will see all you dudes
*outro theme music*
My heartrate rose to 130 doing my outtro
That's how you know a Jacksepticeye video is a workout
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How High Will My Heart Rate Go Playing Five Nights At Freddy's VR (FNAF VR)

11 Folder Collection
noxs315 published on May 30, 2020
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