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"iii wanna bekum the wizard king" "I wanna be the king of piritz!"
"I wanna be hokage believe it!"
"I just want to save my sister"
Right now we're in an interesting time period for shounen.
Instead of the tried and true fun loving plots which are just excuses to have fights, shounens
moving in a new direction where the story actually matters.
Demon slayer, Dr Stone, and Fire Force are EXTREMELY GOOD examples that come to mind.
So if you're interested in what this new wave is all about, let's dig into
Demon Slayer.
Holy moly it's motherfucking Scamboli.
If you don't know this is my series "On The Radar", where I find good anime so you don't
have to.
Today we're talking about Demon Slayer, so let's get to the Summary
We follow our Protagonist, Tanjiro through the Taisho period of Japan.
He's a nice kid selling coal in a different town, and is forced to be away from home one
night due to a storm.
He comes back to discover his family has ben anihalated by demons, the only survivor being
his sister.
Thing is, his sister has been transoformed into
a demon.
Tanjiro goes through grueling training and hardship to become a demon hunter capable
of curing his sister.
Demon Hunter is a show you can very easily find yourself addicted to.
The plot itself is very intruiging and opens itself up to tons of potential.
I've read the manga, and the plot progresses at a really nice pace.
Where many shounen have frustratingly long ass arcs this story seems to always be on
the move.
So if you're sick of generic shounen story telling, this is the
show for you.
The story telling is not some shakspherian masterpiece, but even if you took away the
entertaining ass fights, I'd still be interested enough to stick around.
Let's move on to the Characters:
Definitely one of the strongest points this show has is its main characters.
Wheras most shounen protagonists say to themselves "I must be better...
I can't keep getting my ass beat", Tanjiro skips all of that and
just does better.
He's extremely quick witted, doesn't have shitty motives, ISN'T ANNOYING, and is overall
really really likeable.
I'm not sure how far we're going to get into this season, so I'll play it safe by saying
the MAIN cast is pretty enjoyable.
I can see this guy getting annoying, I personally don't feel that way probably because
I can't hear him screaming in manga, but everyone has a nice amount of growth to their charaacter,
so even if you don't initally like them, you eventually will.
So with that out of the way, lets move to our next segment.
Which is art
At face value, the art is nothing special.
And that's what I believed until mid way through the episode.
While the show isn't generally "pretty", it does make for some
very special moments, namely this woods scene.
I'll also note that the art is very efficient, confusing or unclear moments in the manga
were effortlessly cleared up in the anime adaptation.
If they keep this up, the action scenes later in the series will be really god damn cool.
And that's what I think is what matters most in a
show like this.
HOPEFULLY the future episodes look like this.
I wouldn't listen to a single one of these songs by themselves, but much like the promised
neverland, the music seems to always fit the mood.
While I wasn't that into it, A lot of the comments I saw were foaming
out the fucking mouth for this music, and I think that means something.
People rareeeely give a shit about music in anime
besides the openings, So when I see a bunch of people take note of it, i'ts gotta be good
That's all I gotta say about that.
I'm not bullshitting when I say that this will be the best anime of the season.
But if you're new, and think I'm just talking my shit, look at my track record.
OooOOh what's this?
I called This one, this one, this one, and this one all becomming popular.
I don't know about this one because I got too busy to finish it, but my point
is still made.
Check out Demon Slayer if you're into shounen with a little bit of a dark twist.
THere's action, a nice story, and I'm pretty sure it's going to get
So that's it, that's the video.
This is the part where you stop watching, I'm going to be doing a thing
next friday.
I'm not gonna be late this time.
So yeah, peace.
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Demon Slayer is the Best Anime This Season

39 Folder Collection
Mahiro Kitauchi published on May 30, 2020
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