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My best friend used to always ask me to teach him how to swim, but I never did because I was too lazy.
He drowned in September.
[What is your darkest secret?]
[People anonymously wrote their biggest secrets, and we ask stranger to read them aloud.]
Being born in America to immigrant parents, sometimes I am ashamed of my family's broken English when I am out in public.
My biggest regret is saying I wouldn't cry if my mom died.
She was given 2 years to live if her health continued the way it was going, and I was too much of an angsty, self-centered teenager to worry about anyone but myself.
I feel the pressure to do well in school and to get into a good college.
I wish grades didn't have to define someone's worth.
I started getting depressed while my parents eventually split up.
I never see my dad anymore, and I have a lot of pressure from my mom to succeed.
I went to a very competitive school.
Um...Performance was essentially like a source of validation, so I totally understand where he's coming from, because my school is kind of crazy.
I'm ashamed of my body, but I tell other people to love themselves.
I'm actually very active on social media.
It can be a lot of pressure, 'cause...maybe I post something and it seems like I'm very happy, but deep down, I'm not having the best day.
And there's times where...I would feel ashamed of sharing it.
When I was 4 until I was 6 years old, I was molested by a babysitter.
And when I told my father, he told me to be quiet about it.
He said that as a female, my body is for men.
This idea has stuck with me ever since.
First and foremost, I'd tell them it's not their fault, also tell them that like it is a fight, learning how to understand and to really internalize that like, you are your own person, and like your body is yours and yours alone.
My whole life, I've been made to feel like I was undeserving of love.
Both from myself and others, and I'm afraid that part of me believes them.
Aw man, this one hits...
When I was about 12 or 13, I realized what the word "rape" meant, and I just broke down.
I remembered what had happened to me, and it finally made sense to me, and the fact that I was rejected from my own family, especially from my mom, led to depression.
I had nobody to talk to.
I can't even imagine.
I think because there's always a question of "Oh, like what could I have done to avoid this?""Oh, I should have seen the signs," "I should have stepped up," "I should have said something."
But at the same time, you never know how you're going to react until you're in a situation like that, and sometimes, it's completely out of your control.
Hey guys, this is Jason from Jubilee here.
Thank you so much for watching that video.
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People Read Strangers' Darkest Secrets

228 Folder Collection
doris.lai published on May 29, 2020
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