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Hey guys! Riccardo here! And welcome back to SPIKA presents: "GET THE VOCAB!
the show that teaches you english using tv series!
In this season, as you know we talk about the Big Bang Theory
In every video we talk about the key-words of a specific episode
remember to watch this video first and then you can watch the episode
After that, come on our website and check out some cool stuff that we have for you
But now let's get started with the Big Bang Theory!
Now this two words might sound the same but they are complete opposite
As a matter of fact terrible is something that is very bad
and terrific is something that is very good!
Let's look at what happens when you mix the two...
Honey! You look terrific tonight! What have you done?
Ooh! Thank you!
What have you done? You look terrible tonight!
How dare you!!!
"And that's why you kids should never say terrible!!!"
To acknowledge means when you realize something or you recognize that something is true
For example:
The world acknowledged Van Gogh's genius only after his death
Now this means to destroy something completely to the ground!
For example:
The dinosaurs have been annihilated from the face of the Earth by an asteroid!
Now this just means to be killed!
And it's commonly used in the gaming world
Ok ok guys! Watch out! Watch out! On the right! On the right!
I need back up! I need back up now!!
Man down! Man down!
I've been fragged, guys!!!
I hate this game!
Apart from its original meaning
also means to reserve
For example:
There were 3 spots available but one has already been called or reserved
This means when your heart stops functioning properly
because you're so in love with someone
or because of a medical condition
In that case you should defenetively see a doctor!
Next one is...
To be wasted is just commonly used
It's slang And it's for when you're completely drunk!
So you say:
"Man, I'm wasted!"
This comes from the pilots
A wingman used to be the copilot
Now, it means a person who is always by your side
Other words to describe it are
Here are some examples!
Now, when someone has a learning disability they have some troubles
understanding or learning things
So they usually have someone to help them
This is the action of scaring someone before a confrontation
For example: Do you remember this guy??
If you don't, go check it out!
Now this explains the reason why you're doing something
Usually something important
As in:
The wife killed her husband "DRIVEN BY" the hate that she had for him.
This is saying something making sure that the other person understands it's important.
Did I make a point??
And that's it for today! Thank you so much for watching
it means a lot to us, you guys know it!
If you liked the video make sure to put a big thumb up on our Facebook page
and subscribe to our YouTube Channel!
Don't forget to leave a comment in the section below to let us know your opinion about our work.
Now you can go ahead and watch the episode
But remember to come back on our website and check out some cool stuff that we have for you!!
That's it for now, from SPIKA!
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Get the vocab - Learn English with The Big Bang Theory! - S01E06

6 Folder Collection
Masatake Ito published on May 28, 2020
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