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when I'm thinking about the best product presentation
one thing comes up
Steve Jobs 2007 iPhone product presentation
if we're learning
why don't we just learn from the best
today I'm going through his introduction section of the iPhone presentation
to show you how he pitched the product
and how you can use the same strategy
to pitch your product and to pitch yourself
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and let's go
this is a day I've been looking forward to
for two-and-a-half years
okay just the first sentence
but there is a
lot of purpose in this already
he gave away an important number
two and half
they used two and a half years to build up this product
to prepare for this product pitch
so the audience you better pay attention
for the next 45 minutes of your time
on this two-and-a-half years of preparation
is two and a half years a long time?
not that much in terms of product development
but mentioning it at the beginning
does help to build up
100% attention from the audience members
every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along
that changes everything
and Apple has been well first of all ones very fortunate
if you get to work on just one of these in your career
Apple's been very fortunate it's been able to introduce a few of these
into the world
we introduced the Macintosh
it didn't just change Apple
it changed the whole computer industry
in 2001
we introduced the first iPod
and it didn't just it didn't just change the way we all listen to music
it changed the entire music industry
so I did some cut just to focus on the important part
at this stage what he's doing
is he's building authority for Apple as a brand
and you might think everybody knows Apple
but twelve years ago
does everybody know what they're doing?
he presented Apple in a way that
it's not just a product
but a revolutionary leader
for the last 23 years
and for this section
he really built up the high expectation from the audience
because people do look at the past
to predict the future
well today
we're introducing
three revolutionary products of this class
the first one is a widescreen iPod with touch controls
the second is a revolutionary mobile phone
and the third is a breakthrough internet communications device
so three things
a widescreen iPod with touch controls
a revolutionary mobile phone
and a breakthrough internet communications device
an iPod a phone
and an Internet communicator
an iPod a phone
Are you getting it?
these are not three separate devices
this is one device
and we are calling it iPhone
today today Apple is going to reinvent the phone
and here it is
this is the most interesting way
to introduce a product
and he build up the hype
even more from the audience
by introducing the product not immediately
imagine someone just introduced a product the traditional way
hey here's my product
and here's feature one, two three that you care about
he mentioned the functions that customers value the most first
then introduce his product that performs the functions
at the end
no picture about iPhone
hmm this is some real build up
like you're listening to an EDM song and
you're expecting the drop
but not yet
what are you gonna think
hey what's going on
what's so secretive about this drop
and people love secrets
at this stage
he already built up the audience excitement to a level
that they can't wait to hear
about what this product is
the next section he's going to talk about
the traditional smartphones
and they all have these plastic little keyboards on them
and the problem is that they're not so smart
and they're not so easy to use
so if you kind of make a you know business school 101 graph
of the smart axis and the easy to use axis
phones regular cell phones are kind of right there
they're not so smart
and they're you know not so easy to use
but smart phones are definitely a little smarter
but they actually are harder to use
they're really complicated
just for the basic stuff people have a hard time
figuring out how to use them
well we don't want to do either one of these things
what we want to do is
make a leapfrog product that is way smarter
than any mobile device has ever been
and super easy to use this is what iPhone is
so we're gonna reinvent the phone
he's talking about why Apple is unique
the position
but I have to say that that was not the business 101 class That I took
the business 101 class that I took
has quality on the x-axis
and price on the y-axis
but in his graph both axes are about the quality
because Apple is not telling you we are cheap
they're telling you we are unique
so you need to pay a premium on our product
you cannot find anyone in this position to provide such a value
this is not a complete version of the competitive analysis but
it's the only part worth mentioning to show the audience that
this product is as evolutionary as he said
and next is the last section before he introduced the iPhone
now why do we need a revolutionary user interface
I mean here's four smartphones right
Motorola Q the BlackBerry Palm Treo
nokia e62 the usual suspects
and what's wrong with their user interface as well
the problem with them is really sort of in the bottom 40 there
it's it's this stuff right here
they all have these keyboards
that are there whether you need them or not
to be there and they all have these control buttons
that are fixed in plastic
and are the same for every application
well every application wants a slightly different user interface
a slightly optimized set of buttons
just for it and what happens if you think of
a great idea six months from now
you can't run around and add a button to these things
they're already shipped
so what do you do
it doesn't work because the buttons and
the controls can't change they can't change
for each application and they can't
change down the road
if you think of another great idea
you want to add to this product
you all know that UI is what Steve Jobs cares about the most
you see that he did not just mention a general problem that everybody has
but focus on a specific limitation of the customers current solution
he is not positioning himself as selling the product
but a solution provider for these people
so their problem can be solved
the problem he solving might not be the most
painful in the world
but it's specific enough
that it resonates well with a
group of people
many presenters make the mistake of
not making the problem specific enough
so it doesn't resonate deeply with a group of people
when your problem is to general people will think
yeah I have the problem
but I don't want to
pay for it
what we're gonna do is get rid of all these buttons
and just make a giant screen
a giant screen
friendly reminder remember 2007
we call this giant screen
and it'd take about seven minutes
for him to get on this point
and show the real picture of iPhone
at this stage the audience mental state
is at the completely different level
compared to the start of the presentation
it's not oh it's a product but
oh finally we are getting the real Product
and we have invented a new technology called multi-touch
which is phenomenal
it works like magic
you don't need a stylus
it's far more accurate
than any touch display that's ever been shipped
it ignores unintended touches
it's super smart
you can do multi-finger gestures on it
and boy have we patented it
to end up on this light
I really want to mention some of the word choices
he has on introducing iPhone in general and introducing the multi-touch technology
just for the last minute
he was using big words
like phenomenal super smart
work like magic
he truly believed this product will work well
be a bit careful
about using all these words
when you don't truly believe in your product
because the audience will tell the users will tell
when you're not telling the truth
and make sure you have evidence of proving all these points that you made
for Steve's presentation
he used the next 40 minutes introducing
all these features that's really adding
a lot of values for the users who's using smart phones
those are some hard evidence of proving his point
about phenomenal
work like magic
and also what proved the most is not
his hour-long presentation about iPhones features
but truly happy users
and some presenters will use words that show uncertainty
like I think so
even I believe
because what you think can be questioned
but saying it is the best
you can't be that easily questioned
I want to end the presentation here
because after this
he is going into more details about
the product features
in summary
those are the techniques that Steve Jobs used
in his first iPhone launch presentation
and here we learned
number one
how to build audience attention from the first sentence
number two
build Authority for the brand first
number three
specify the problem by focus on the limitations of the customers current solutions
number four
use data in a smart way that shows the uniqueness of the product
number five
use big certain words wisely
to create a stronger effect of the message your delivering
number six
also position yourself as a solution provider instead of a salesperson
because a former solves problems
but the latter sells things people don't need
and you really need to dig deeper on the customers
and the small group of people who resonate the most
if you watch more of his presentations
you can see a consistency
in his type of presenting
throughout all his Product launch events
thanks for staying until the end
as you can see
I am still a small Channel
so I really want to give you
the flexibility of telling me what kind of topics that you like me to talk about
comment below
if you have any questions right now
related to doing your presentation doing your pitch
I will reply to every single one of you on your question
you can check out my Instagram
I do a more frequent update over there
and we can keep in touch
and I make sure every one of my posts has some value in there
we can have a different type of discussion over there
if you want more content like this
see you next time
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Steve Jobs Presentation Techniques & Selling Techniques (iPhone 2007 Introduction)

15 Folder Collection
早川徹 published on May 27, 2020
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