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Wow, I can't see anyone from here
We should care for those in the back as well
10 thousand, 20 thousand people...I'm honored, being able to perform at a venue like this,
And as always, I'm going to do my best
And I'll grow up a lot at the end of the day, even without realizing it.
I want people to say that we are professionals with lots of experience.
I think that is my goal
[On an unfamiliar path]
Noona, I got an IV right here but this part hurts so much more, you know?
- Over here? - Yeah
That's right, it hurts the most here
Oh, really?
When my mom calls me and asks 'Son, are you doing well?'
I told her I wanted to be sick
And that I'm too healthy
But no, I was totally wrong
I don't think it's so bad today
I have this feeling that I won't be sick today?
I should take care of my health from now on
Do we have to make it symmetrical?
Where did Mingyu go!!!!!
Kim Mingyu!!!!!!!!!
Don't make people wait because you're eating ramen
- What was that? - Don't make people wait because of your ramen
I'm sorry!
- We will take the photo~ - Smile!
One two three
As an older brother and as a leader, I have to be strict.
Of course it's for the team. But...
When we are all sensitive, I don't like saying it and so does the person who is listening
So I thought very hard about it, that I had to first change the way I talk
I learned how to edit videos.
And I kept thinking about when I'm in bed.
About editing?
- Do you know that feeling when you lie down right after playing a game or watching TV and you keep thinking about the last thing you saw? - I don't
- You know how you remember the pool table after playing billiard and lie down, you don't know this? - I don't
What do you know...
Now we are just friends and sometimes I feel like I'm the younger brother to some of them
Like a brother who's cute and just immature?
But that makes me feel comfortable
I'm a person who needs energy to be strong
So if I approach them like a younger brother
They would give me a lot of energy in return
One of the reasons I really like being on stage is
When we are on stage, I don't feel like the leader and that I need to do something as a leader...
I don't feel like I need to be on top of things as a leader. Rather, there are many times when they lead me
When my right foot hurt, I just calmly changed to my left foot
But when both sides suddenly hurt on stage, there's no way to solve that
So I would come down in the middle to tape them up..
I'm most sad when it hurts during the encore because
I want to bond with and play with everyone
But jumping hurts more than dancing...It hurts the most
I mostly couldn't jump with them but the other members jumped a lot instead so
I think it was nice
I have nothing left for me
I gave everything
Part 1 is finished but
I only remember the last part..
Many members were sick during this practice so
I hope we can finish this safely without anyone getting hurt
That's what I hope for.
I don't really feel at ease though.
Because this isn't a Japan tour but a World Tour..
I hope we can be healthy till the end, including myself and the members
Everyone, good work on the ODE TO YOU JAPAN!
I would be very grateful if you could do a fighting with me~
One two three, CHEERS!
We are 1/3 of the way!
I mean 1/4...
Even thinking about it now, it felt kind of like, with so much people there
Should I say pressured?
I was always anxious for some reason
But that anxiety was replaced by happiness when I went up on stage
However as that anxiety increased, I felt more uneasy and scared
It's continued for a long time, longer than you would think
It's my first time talking about this
I shouldn't be like this already...
Hi~ I'm SEVENTEEN's leader S.COUPS
Just right before we went up the stage, things got worse than I thought
Since I'm the leader, I thought I should hold on until I can push the limit
At least till the group greeting?
But Mingyu seemed to have noticed because he turned around and asked me, Are you okay?
Ah...I thought that I did everything I can do here
Is S.COUPS okay?
He's in the back
S.COUPS, take a rest if you think you can't do it
I'll see after I go up
Is Jeonghan okay?
Are your legs hurting?
But the interesting thing is that, I was different when I'm up on stage and after I come back down
I became so much better after I came back down so..
I thought I needed to go back up on stage, so at the time, there was a change in the cue sheet
The hip hop team was supposed to have gone up first, but other units went up first
And after that, I told them that
No matter what, I will go up and that I would like to go up on stage
But while performing, I thought I might be traumatized and never be able to return to the stage
I hated myself so much at that time
We'd like to say something before we begin the stage today.
S.COUPS and Jeonghan were unable to stay with us till the end due to health issues.
We'd be grateful if you guys could give us one more applause of support.
You never know what might happen or when,
so you have to find the best in those situations.
Since we have to fill the members' empty spots...
Isn't that what a team is? I think that's what a real team is.
If I'm to speak on S.COUPS' behalf, I'd like to say there's no need to worry too much.
S.COUPS is trying his best to recover fast.
So let's all hope that S.COUPS will get better soon.
Above all,
The only thing I can think of is that I'm sorry.
It was frustrating not being able to apologize to each fan who waited and came to see us.
When seeing our guys, not only on this tour, but in many award ceremonies and year-end stages as well,
I kept thinking I was with them on the stage.
From doing so, there was one point when I thought a lot about how I wanted to get back on the stage soon.
I feel like I gradually recovered from resting.
I'm angry at myself for running away like that, and now I...
...feel confident that I can overcome it,
so I want to get back on the stage soon.
S.COUPS, leader of SEVENTEEN and the hip hop team.
I'll try to become a role model for my members and a leader and a brother who takes care of his members more than himself. Thank you.
[Anyone can lose their way]
[All you need is the courage to walk the unfamiliar and daunting path again]
Hello, Hoshi.
You have to go on the stage smiling even if you're in a bad mood.
That is your job.
Let's cheer up.
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16 Folder Collection
莊詠婷 published on May 27, 2020
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