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Trying to read a lot of material during a busy day can be tough, especially if the material is not in your first language.
Let's take a look at a few different techniques to help you read more but spend less time doing it.
[1. Read as often as possible]
You don't always have to read articles or books to improve your reading skills.
It can be as simple as reading the menu, billboards, street signs or just reading anything you see in English every day.
If you do enjoy reading, set aside a few minutes a day to read a book.
Like anything in life, practice will make you a better reader.
[2. Read things you're interested in]
Just because you're reading in English, it doesn't mean you have to read things you have no interest in.
In fact, reading about something you're interested in can speed up your reading and understanding of the text, especially as you may already know a lot about it.
Think about what you like reading in your own language.
For example, do you support a football club?
You could read their latest match report.
Do you like to know what the Kardashians are up to?
You could read about the latest episode.
Whatever it is you read, thinking a little about it or having knowledge of the content can help you greatly.
[3. Practise scanning for specific information]
Sometimes you might not have time to read everything but you may need to find specific information from the text you're reading.
For example, let's say you're thinking of going on holiday to Sydney and you want to find out about the weather several months ahead.
Using your favourite search engine to look for a travel page, scan for the keyword, and here it will be "climate" or "weather."
Get to the right section and find the information you need.
Make a mental note, or if you're reading a paper, highlight the area for later.
[1. Read as often as possible]
[2. Read things you're interested in]
[3. Practise scanning for specific information]
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How to Improve Your Reading Skills

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Annie Huang published on May 27, 2020    Annie Huang translated    adam reviewed
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