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Hello and welcome to The English
We Speak with me, Feifei...
...and me, Roy.
We may sound a little different - that's
because we are not able to record
in our normal studios
during the coronavirus outbreak. In this
programme, we have a word
that is used to say when someone
is upset over something minor or trivial.
Speaking of which, you got
really upset when
the vending machine didn't have any of
those sweets you like this morning!
I really like 'unicorn truffles' - you have
no idea how good they are.
It ruined my day!
Everyone likes 'unicorn truffles', but
there's no need to get overly upset
about it - they're just sweets!
You were so salty this morning!
What do you mean salty? You mean I was
sweaty? I sweat when I get stressed.
No, Roy. 'Salty' means you got upset over
nothing. They're just sweets. If you're that
desperate for them, you should go to the
supermarket before work like I did.
Wait, you've got some 'unicorn truffles'!?
Can I have one, please?
You can have one, and only one. Anyway,
let's listen to these examples...
She was so salty when she lost the board
game. It's really not that important.
He was so salty yesterday when nobody
wanted to go to lunch with him.
I'm sorry - it was a bad joke, but there's
no need to get salty about it!
This is The English We Speak from BBC
Learning English and we're
talking about the word 'salty'
- and now Roy, you're salty because
I won't give you more sweets!
Feifei, you have a bag full of 'unicorn
truffles'! You could open
a sweet shop you have that
many! So, I'm not being salty. I don't think
it's unreasonable to be upset
that you won't
give me one more sweet!
Fine, but only because I'm a nice person!
Talking about being salty, did you see Rob
this morning?
Yes! Why was he so angry?! I saw him
hitting the keyboard!
He was so angry with you, Feifei.
Haha that's because I unplugged
his computer! He couldn't turn it on!
So, when I told him
that I'd done it as a joke,
he got really salty.
Hahah you're the best, Feifei!
You love playing practical jokes
on people. Well, I need to
go back to the desk. Wait?! I can't move!
I'm stuck to the chair!
Yes! I know. I put lots of superglue on
your chair before you sat down!
Don't get salty
about it! Here have a couple of 'unicorn
truffles' to cheer you up!
Thanks Feifei, but I really need to go back
to work. Can you get me off
this chair, please?
Bye, Roy.
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Why are people saying 'salty'? - The English We Speak

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on May 27, 2020
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