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  • They say a little lie can grow bigger and bigger.

  • One man will pay the price.

  • People everywhere stopped and stared at the big fat liar.

  • Yes!

  • Why'd he have to steal my skateboard today?

  • Nice wheels, Shepherd! [ Laughing ]

  • Freak!

  • Uh, sir? I think we just hit a kid.

  • I'm on the phone!

  • Sorry. Apparently we ran over a kid or something.

  • You all right there, buddy? Yeah.

  • But you gotta help me out. I have to get to the community college in two minutes...

  • or I'm gonna fail out of eighth grade. What's going on here?

  • - I need a ride. - What, am I running a taxi service?

  • It's right down the road. You're lucky I don't sue you for whiplash.

  • Actually... my neck does feel pretty stiff.

  • [ Groaning ]

  • Get in the car.

  • Watch the shoes! Watch the shoes!

  • Man! If you only knew the kind of day I've had!

  • Yeah, it must be really, really tough to be 1 1 .

  • I'm actually 1 4. Oh, my mistake.

  • Jason Shepherd.

  • Marty Wolf.

  • Famous Hollywood producer.

  • [ Scoffs ] I'm in town shooting my new picture.

  • Oh, yeah, you're that guy.

  • Dude, no offense, but you have made some stinkers in the last few years.

  • - Yeah, well, everyone has a dry spell, Ebert. - It's Jason.

  • Trust me. All it takes is one hit to get you back on top.

  • Yeah, that's what I'm counting on with this story I'm handing in.

  • Oh, really? Why don't you tell me more about that?

  • I tried to get out of it, but my teacher busted me.

  • What'd you go with, dog ate your homework?

  • - No. Dad choked on a meatball. - [ Chuckling ] And you spent all night with him in the E.R.?

  • Yeah.

  • Your teacher called the old man to confirm, you imitated his voice on the cell phone?

  • Yeah, pretty much.

  • All right, listen and learn, short stack. Here's where you went wrong.

  • You should've forged the doctor's note, made your dad your sister...

  • and changed the meatball into a chicken wing.

  • It's much easier to swallow if you G.M.D... which means ''Get my drift.''

  • Wow. You're good.

  • No, no, no. I'm the best.

  • - Here we are. - All right, God bless you,Jared.

  • - It's Jason. - And it always will be.

  • Keep practicing those lies,Jiminy.

  • 'Cause you can take it from me: The truth? It's overrated.

  • Now get out!

They say a little lie can grow bigger and bigger.

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Big Fat Liar (2/10) Movie CLIP - The Truth Is Overrated (2002) HD

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