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some things look impossible
they said I will not make it
they said it cannot be done
but they are wrong
it can be done
and no matter what
i know I will make it
I will reach the top
what the heck are you doing
greetings to you comrade
you may hear large boom explosion in the night worry not
so excite, we are no longer hide newest soviet invention of science
is Ukraine super soldier
it have three eye for extra see
very rifle accuracy
and it have many strength for lift
see it even lift whole cow
is he
is he okay?
of course of course
he practice super roar scream
of many scare yeah
i think he is dead
no no no comrade
he just listen
for vibration
in a ground of sneaking enemy
yes good hearing yes
wow amazing
I'm done with this freaking food
time to travel and taste some real freaking food
welcome to our best restaurant in country
today we have very special menu
for starter we have light white puffs
with our special brown sauce
main dish it is specially steamed carbohydrates
with sprinkles of white spice
that sounds delicious
I'll take it all
light puffs with brown sauce
but a
but a this is only rice
can I please just get my main dish
not a problem sir
here you go steamed carbohydrates with white spices
it's a, It's a freaking rice again
what do you have for dessert
some fried rats and cockroaches
finally some good freaking food
yes? Indian government listening
yeah dude I'm looking for tech support
my fortnite froze
no no this is not tech support
yes my fortnite froze I need some help please
I'm telling you this is not tech support
yeah yeah I'm looking for tech support
this is not
have you tried turning it off and on again
try it
wicked man you fixed it
you are the best support ever
yes you are welcome
am he is looking for tech support again yes?
yes he never stops
yes Indian government listening
yeah hello this is Pakistan
oh it's you
um yeah this is kind of awkward but we are at war with you
I'm just letting you know just in case
we are at war, do the preparations, defense systems, code red, nukes, anything
we have a problem
you should probably see this for yourself
holy cow
my castle
it's burning, why is it burning
my precious castle
how will I restore this
I spend all my money in wine
I don't have anything left
hey don't worry brother I will help you
I am donating this money to you
he is right you know
I will donate some money to you as well
yes and you can have my experts
will help restore this castle
and you can have my tools
this is amazing guys, I don't know how to say thank you to all
and a, and you can have my potato
yes yes taco taco, never forget the taco
a lot of energy to build the castle
and you sama can have my anime
about a you crying as a baby about your castle
yes yes
and you can have my debt
we just made new law and it's no longer legal to eat your pet horse
so stop it it's illegal okay
ahh got dammit
I mean this is not my pet horse
this is some stray horse I found in a
I found in my backyard, yeah a stray horse I found in my backyard
yeah that is it
oh in that case you are free to eat it I guess
actually you know what it is not okay I'm getting tired of these stupid laws
I'm leaving this stupid union
I don't want to be a part of these dumb laws
are you sure?
hell yeah I'm sure
and you better don't try to stop me because I'm leaving right now
well okay you are free to go
you know exit is right here
just go through that door and you are free to go
I said you better don't try to stop me or I'm leaving okay
okay yeah yeah I got it, you are free to go you know
just go through that door
no you don't understand, don't you dare to stop me
you better not stop me okay
please, please stop me, I have no idea what the heck I'm doing
please stop me
okay then stay
hah you want me to stay I'm leaving
can you just tell me what are you doing please
I'm steaving
yeah yeah I'm steaving
stupid you
heh I'm steaving
Ohhh I get it, It's because staying plus leaving equals steaving
taco, taco, taco
hey Mexico do you see this or are you too busy eating tacos?
do something about it
will yea?
you hear me? or I will close this border
I don't think that is a good idea. We are going to lose a lot of money
oh that is true
I do like money after all
well you better do something about it or I will tax you
yeah that is right I will tax you
look gringo what do you want me do?
I cannot stop my people
they do what they wanna do
well I guess that is true
it is hard to manage your people
whoa I just had an Idea, come, come, come closer
I'll offer you a good deal
just this once time opportunity you gonna love it
it will be perfect
look look that is what we are going to do
you gonna give me money and I will build the wall
and I promise you I will solve this problem
where do you think you are going?
you think you are going to leave me? I'm going to tax you
I'm so excited to go o this speed dating thing
I'm sure hope I'll find someone nice
Hi nice to meet you, you have a nice dress
ayy nice to meet you
you are pretty yourself
they call me Scotland
you want a drink
they are pretty good here
uhh hi, you have a high heels
what a releif
what is your name gorgeous
they call me Bob
the head splitter
but you can call me gorgeous I like it
funny story how I got that name
you wanna hear it?
oh you are a girl, I'm surprised
I say you have the most beautiful dark hair
what is your name
what a compliment he he
my name is Alex
I say if you like dark hair
you will most likely like my big black cock
you wanna see it
hell yeah I wanna see it
UK? are you okay?
why are you painting my land?
I'm not painting I'm claiming them
you will be mine you scum
whoa I don't think it works that way
I don't think if you paint my land it becomes yours
that is not how it works
oh yeah heh heh, give me your land and no one gets hurt
whoa calm down
is this a water gun?
wait a... America god dammit you tricked me
get your own very real gun
buy one get two
dumb asses
but why do you want to claim my land?
who will do the dirty work for you when I'm gone?
well actually I didn't think of it
I'll go ask, I'll go ask someone
if they can replace you
hey there little kids
you want to have a job?
some good paid job?
some salary?
what na?
did you just called us kids?
I think he needs some good old Baltic beating
Russia I'm glad to see you
I bet you need a job right?
job tomorrow, today we drink
ha Mexico my old buddy
come work for me, I'll pay you well
cannot leave taco stand
good money, good food
best Taco in all of Mexico
I'll make one for you
no no no I don't want to
Si I make one for you
you will like
no no no Taco, I don't want to
yes... good taco you try
fine just a taste
that will be 10 dollars please
Germany yes, you want a job right? you want a job
France do you need aj ob
of you are a woman
do you?
do you wa wa
see you tomorrow
at my place
please please European Union
you are so pretty
you are so beautiful
please don't make me leave now
give me more time please
well okay, okay
yeah boy
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Countryballs Compilation - #12

8 Folder Collection
Mahiro Kitauchi published on May 26, 2020
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