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- So, first of all I have to ask you
how did you get left out of the bling notification?
Everybody's shining, got sparkles, you're sparkleless.
- I sparkle inside.
- He sparkles inside, I love that.
I'm so excited for your tour, you guys are about to hit
this crazy tour.
Is it competitive going out on the road with the other guys?
- No, no, no we stopped doing that a long time ago.
I think we just want to have--
- Just a good time.
- Just a good time.
Yeah, it's gonna be playing a lot of bowling
and drinking games.
So it's gonna be fun.
- That sounds like a good time on the road.
Now you guys have such an incredible music catalog.
Now looking back on these songs is there anything
you don't want to dust off?
You're like, oh, I gotta sing that again.
- I would never play other people's music.
Well, what do you think Trey?
- I'm saying your music, your songs.
- Oh no, they're all, we could play about 150 of them
like right now.
- Wow, that takes talent.
Right now you could literally pull it out, no notes?
- Yeah, I think so.
- Are we getting a live,
I would take a live Green Day moment.
That's kind of legendary.
- [Billy] All right.
- [Trey] Play something.
- Here we go.
♪ She, she screams in silence ♪
♪ A sullen riot penetrating through her mind ♪
So I got that.
- What?
- I'm sure all of the artists are doing live improv.
- No, they're not.
- For Billboard.
- Yeah, yeah, what else can I play?
(guitar strumming)
- I think my phone just automatically purchased
tickets to the tour just now.
(Billy and Trey laugh)
So that worked and I'm sure it's gonna work
for everybody else at home.
- Hey Siri, buy six tickets to Hella Mega Tour.
- I just did.
And guys, what's your Billboard moment?
Like we're celebrating 125 years, we just want to know.
What's been the biggest moment for you?
- Wow, I think the first time we ever had a bullet
next to our name.
That was probably.
- Yeah.
- So back in 1994, when you see a bullet by your name,
get ready to shoot some guns.
- Incredible, well, I love it.
I'll see you guys on tour thank you so much
for talking to us.
- All right thank you so much.
All right, take it easy guys.
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Green Day Gives Impromptu Red Carpet Acoustic Performance | AMAs

8 Folder Collection
Mahiro Kitauchi published on May 26, 2020
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