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Long before humanity colonises Mars our children will live in floating nations
on the sea. Calcium carbonate will be harvested directly from sea water,
creating sea shell cities grown organically using 3d printed biorock.
The aquatic generation will live in upside-down skyscrapers, seascrapers,
where tremendous weight will hang deep below the sea securing such stability
that neighborhoods will be raised on pillars high above the waves. Simply by
reaching a depth of a thousand meters, seascrapers will produce a super
abundance of electricity through the magic of ocean thermal energy conversion.
A proven green technology that uses the ocean as a solar panel. At 500 meters a
rich concentration of nutrients is suspended in seawater where sunlight
can't reach. Seascrapers will draw this elixir to the surface to spark a riot of
photosynthesis. Ocean gardens will sprout in a fountain of life. Vast seaweed farms
will absorb megatons of carbonic acid reducing ocean acidity to feed the world
with environmentally restorative food. The first to seek jobs on ocean farms
will be the poorest billion on Earth. They will come to the blue frontier
because floating societies will require refugees to survive economically.
Imagine if Venice were a floating jigsaw puzzle where each island could be
piloted independently. Mobile land will empower individuals to exit poorly
governed societies and choose better ones.
Each floating homestead will be a nano-nation a seastead. Humanity is emerging
from our land-based slumber and awakening to the seastead century.
Seasteading will restore the environment, enrich the poor and liberate humanity
from politicians. The seas cannot support a state but fluid interaction will
incentivise civil society. More than two-thirds of the Earth's surface waits
to be discovered, then Homo aquaticus will explore the
depths beneath. Oceans first, the stars next.
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Floating nations: Is our future at sea? | BBC Ideas

5 Folder Collection
傅威智 published on May 24, 2020
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