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Hey everyone this is Dane Bergen creator of the Rich photographer coaching series designed
to get better results for photography business owners and today what I want to talk about
is your database, now if you don't know anything about creating a database what I'm talking
about is a list of your past clients and a list of your past prospects that you can keep
in touch with in the long-term
Now if you're looking at your photography business as a long-term business which you
should be and increasing that business every year through different marketing strategies,
what you want to be doing is keeping a list of those past clients all the past clients
and all the past prospects you've had through your entire business career.
It's really simple to do all you the most basic way you can do it is just setting up
a spreadsheet in Excel or on Google Drive or you know Apple numbers whatever it may
be doesn't really matter, you just want to track the basic data points.
Things like clients name contact information the package they ordered if they were client
just small details like that so that in the future you can keep in touch with those people.
The reason being is because overtime people will forget who you are no matter how great
of a relationship you created in their session or whatever.
Over time people are just going to forget you if they never hear from you, it's the
same if you think back to primary school if you've been out of school for a long time
you might remember faces you know if you see someone at the shops or something like that
you kind of remember the face but you'll probably forget the name, and that someone who you
probably saw a lot through your schooling...
It's the same for your business people may have you know used you as a photographer years
ago but if they had to remember your name now they probably couldn't do it.
The way you can overcome that is why I just staying in touch with them every couple of
months if it's just by email or if once a year you go on the phone and just catch up
with them and ask and how they are if you sent things like birthday cards, Christmas
cards out all your past customers even for clients even if they've been you know they
have it worked with you for a number of years if every year they getting up birthday card
that Christmas card or just email, newsletters things like that just so that their remembering
your name every few months - then in the future when they do need a photographer again be
that for the same service you provided last time or another one they're going to to
then think of you, remember your name and be able to get in touch instead of - if you
hadn't stayed in touch or if you hadn't had your name in front of them every few months
though even though they remember that use the photographer they'll have totally forgot
your name and have no way of getting in contact with you so you can use the database in the
same way.
All you have to do is start collecting those you know that data and saving it on your computer
and then at certain points in the year like the slow season (for most photographers that's
during winter time) you can send different sales campaigns to try and bring in more clients
in those slow periods of the year for different services.
Alright, I want you to start collecting that data have a database and use that to stay
in touch with your past clients and your past prospects alright if you enjoy this video
and the ideas within it I'd love you leave a comment below, let me know how these videos
are helping you out and if you'd like more strategies just like this then you can check
out the info below the video.
Cheers, bye
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Fill your photography schedule with a simple database trick

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Henry 楊 published on May 24, 2020
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