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Hey guys, I think we have to change today's topic. It's another one
lots of beginners wants to know which camera to buy and what lens to use
Let's do a video on that now. Let's change today's okay. We'll do this one
another day. Set it up. Lets do that.
Apparently 300 hours of content is being uploaded onto YouTube every minute.
A large chunk of it is on photography. In spite of all that the maximum amount of
question that come up is about which camera to buy and which lens to use. Well
if so much of content in the YouTube cannot solve it then I don't think I can
solve it but yet let me make an attempt. We live in this digital age like I said
and we are spoiled for choices which is a prime reason why we all get confused
in while making a decision because there are so many options in front of you. When
I started out way back in the early 80s, well obviously there were not YouTube,
there was it was not digital at all and we did not have so many choices. I'm sure
all those people who kind of went into buying cameras during those days will
agree that the most common purchase was a body and one lens which usually is a
50mm. I started out like that I had one body and one 50mm lens. I used
to do wedding photography that was that's how I started out my career in
photography. We would cover the function, we will do group shots, we will do
close-ups everything using a 50mm lens and one body,
well of course on a film so I had no options of changing formats and cropping
into the sensor etc. Well everyone including the photographer
and the client all were happy people those days. Let me say start with the
crop sensor camera. Resolution doesn't matter buy whatever that is that suits
your pocket. Okay. It can be 16, 18, 20, 24 whatever, buy it. It is good enough for
most of your purposes. We live in an age where images from a mobile phone can be
used in a huge billboard. So you should not really worry if your camera is an
entry-level camera or top-of-the-line crop sensor camera. In a crop sensor camera
what is really failing you is the kit lens. Well it is made for a price.
No manufacturer under the Sun can give you great optical quality to match the best
lenses at a kit lens price. So first thing if you want to take better
pictures keep the kit lens away or trade in for
another lens and which is that lens I would argue that lens should be 50 mm or
thereabouts. So anything from a 40mm to a 60 mm equivalent in a crop sensor camera
should be what you should buy but if I have to pick one lens and that one lens
which according to me is a magic lens, it is not really a popular lens by the way
let me admit but I think is extremely useful and extremely underestimated.
So let's get out onto a shoot and see it for ourselves how that lens behaves in
various situations. So what we are trying to do today is to catch some candid
moments possible, some close-ups using the camera that we are going to discuss
and so for which I am actually going into my own apartment
cuz a lot of things happen in the evening or children come out to play
people go out for a walk and all that it's almost like walking into an unknown
territory because every day there is something new happening. Well my boss
used to say let's play it by the year that's exactly what you are planning to
do today let's play by the year and of course what I like beautiful
what you do is on one two three just jump out of the water
okay you count yourself and come out
hey thank you bye-bye. Thank you. People know Pixel Viilage by the way
ah let's look for a nice close-up this time.
Hey, how are you? Hey we are doing a video, can I take a close-up of you?
So we got a nice candid shot, we got a close-up and now I need to look for that
one special shot which only this first lens can do
yes oh yeah I found the stuff
can someone pass me the my son's a small toy wait so let me place it here.
Wow, nice so we got that short too. I think we should head back to the studio and then
sum it up there. Yes I know your question still remains the same which camera
which lens. Well the camera we used for the shoot and the image is set to use
so now are from crop sensor camera from Nikon called the D5600. The difference
was the lens that we chose to use this is the Nikkor or 40mm f/2.8 G which also is
a micro lens. The difference is it's a block lens. 40mm effectively acts like a
60 mm. It still is considered to be a standard lens so this is one camera a
crop sensor camera with a standard lens and you saw how we shot a reasonably
good wide candid shot a good close-up and a micro shot, why, because this also
offers micro.
The biggest contributor according to me is the lens, you instantly gained one
stop and you're gonna stay with that maximum openable aperture of 2.8 very
unlike the kit lens aperture options. The quality of the optics again is a notch
higher. Well more than anything you will also become a little more disciplined in
your photography you'll start using your legs instead of zooming in and zooming
out. I remember reading at the legendary
photographer Ernt Haas saying "The best zoom are your legs" well I think that's
what we did during this shoot whenever we needed a wide angle we moved away
from the subject whenever we needed the close-up we walked close to the subject
and of course you now have to shoot a macro let me give you one more example.
The greatest photographer the world has seen Henri Cartier-Bresson walked all
across the globe with just a camera and us in the lens. Well if you read about
him you will know how he worked with just one camera and probably he had many
cameras, but he used to work with one lens and his pictures are still
considered to be classics. We need to learn from people like that instead of
worrying about which lens to use and which camera to use. Ha, before I forget
well I know that you will still have this question what if I am a Canon user
or a Sony user or a Fuji user. Yes, you may not get a macro lens in that range
but you will get similar focal lengths the Canon user can buy the 40 mm pancake
the Sony user has a 30 mm and I think Fuji also has a lens in that same range
so don't worry if you're a cop sensor user you are no way inferior to any
other photographer. Get that great quality optics which is in your budget
and build that discipline and get those shots. Bye for now
Hope that'll help people and not confuse them yeah ha
Does it look like lots of questions about basics in photography. Guys let's
get ready for some basic lessons in photography
back to basics
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Which Camera to Buy and What Lens to use? The most frequently asked question.

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Henry 楊 published on May 24, 2020
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