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  • Geometry dash 2.1 and 2.11 had their own weaknesses and I'm pretty sure not everyone liked these updates because they changed everything and

  • 2.2 is not an exception. It is the biggest and most hyped update

  • And as far as we know it has a few features not everyone likes

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  • On the first spot we've got the random trigger

  • If you have heard nothing about this trigger, it's time to come out from your cave

  • It is probably the most controversial feature in 2.2 so far and basically you can randomize things with it

  • For example, you can make a spike which appears with 50% chance and randomize parts in levels

  • I'm not saying this trigger is always bad because it's an actually good concept

  • But the way creators could ruin levels with it is pretty bad

  • They would have the ability to troll you or test your reaction with it and be honest

  • You don't want to die on a demon because the random spike appears somewhere

  • On the second place of the list we have got the improper use of camera control

  • This feature is not bad at all. But there are some ways to make it annoying

  • one perfect example for this is when the camera moves forward into a level and you cannot even see

  • where your icon comes from. You can see this kind of camera control in geometry Dash SubZero

  • Once again, the camera control can make the game better and it can make some parts more fun

  • But everything has a bad side and this is not an exception

  • You might have seen the video where RobTop showed us how he stretched blocks and made them bigger

  • Be honest, that's a cool thing

  • But in my opinion it could cause confusion among players and it might create some new bugs

  • we don't know yet. This feature would give us the ability to make as custom blocks as possible

  • But please tell me in the comments what you think about it because many people think it is cool and a lot of people disagree

  • Can you see these animations?

  • They look cool, right?

  • well, this is true, but I personally think they are not special at all

  • And creators wouldn't use them for long. It is like electricity and fireballs in 2.1

  • Everyone loves them but we don't really use any of them anymore because they are not necessarily needed to create good levels at all

  • On the last spot we have got the zooming feature

  • You can see it is in plenty 2.2 layouts

  • This feature has one problem: if you zoom in you cannot even see what is in front of you

  • So you have less time to react to the obstacles

  • With these feature creators would be able to create memory levels with simply zooming to the player

  • The players would have to memorize the layout if they can't see the nearby blocks and spikes

  • Thank you so much for watching! If there is something that I missed and you don't like about 2.2

  • Please share me in the comments. See you in the next video

  • Bye Bye!

Geometry dash 2.1 and 2.11 had their own weaknesses and I'm pretty sure not everyone liked these updates because they changed everything and

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