B2 High-Intermediate US 9 Folder Collection
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Welcome to another episode of Ling Ling 40 Hours!
We will jump in to the most talented memes.
But before that, make sure to accent the like button.
(The most talented subreddit ever!)
(Ling Ling 40 Hours, unite!)
(Ling Ling wannabes!)
(Practice, practice!)
(Did you practice today?)
Oh wait, no, F.
Brett: "That's an F!"
Vivaldi invented the four seasons, guys.
Before Vivaldi, there was only one season,
called the Ice Age.
Or do you say "haitch"?
(both) Aitch.
Gets back to...
(both) A!
Yeah, I always start off like,
explaining that to like, beginner students.
They never get it.
- "But why, why is it G?" - Yeah. "But why?"
- It's like... - It just is.
- Yeah just shut up, it just is! - Yeah!
I can't, I don't know!
- Don't question it, just... - Yeah.
- Oh, dang! - Whoa!
Dude, that's cool.
Dude, that's like Debussy. Impressionist.
I can hear the uh,
LoFi soundtrack on there.
So yeah, a lot of you requested us to put our
LoFi tracks on Spotify,
so we're working on making a Spotify account.
Hopefully it'll be out by the time this video is out,
in the description link below.
But if not...
Keep an eye out in future videos.
Our first official LoFi— Ah,
Spotify debut.
LoFi on Spotify!
It's so weird.
- Such a weird thing, to this day. - Mmm.
Compose your 10th symphony before your 9th.
Hack the system.
- That's true. - Dude, that's... Wow.
Rachmaninoff had huge hands, no? Like...
So it's actually just...
...not possible.
Yeah, you have to like, split the chords and stuff.
But! He writes beautiful music.
I wish he wrote a violin concerto.
- How epic would that be? - He should've! He so should've.
- His symphonies are like, the best. - Ohh...
- And it's so fun to play! For the violin as well. - Yeah. Yeah!
Dude! Rachmaninoff.
- Come on, man. - We can revive you from your grave.
If you accent this button right now,
Rachmaninoff will come back.
And write a violin...
(both) ...concerto.
- Yeah. Yeah. - I mean, yeah.
Very accurate representation.
Dude, look at my...
That red... That's like...
I look like Terminator in one eye.
Dude, that's so epic.
- With the loud rain noises. - It's like in anime.
I gotta say, though, like...
Being stuck in quarantine, I'm...
I feel like that on the inside sometimes as well.
Whoa, what is this??
Well, this guy figured it out.
Bro, he doesn't even need his left hand to, like...
- Yeah, it's just... He's just... - Prop it up.
It's like, engineered to stick up by itself.
- I think it's tuning down here. - Ohh...
So rather than fine tuners and proper tuners, it's just...
- Everything is just down there. - One's... down there. Okay.
Dude, everyone plays Pag 24 on this subreddit!
Dude, what is going on?
This should just be the Pag 24 Reddit now.
I'm just impressed it makes a sound.
- But... How do you plug it in? - That he can make a violin.
With the electric thing?
I guess he just didn't plug it in yet.
It sounds better than the DIY violin we made!
- The other day. Like, didn't even function. - Yeah.
"Get outta here, I don't want it!"
- "I don't want to see you ever again." - Yeah.
It's a bit like your assignment. You're like...
- Yeah yeah yeah... - "Gone!"
That baby's listening to your LoFi.
No way!
Our Reddit is basically being overtaken by Pag 24.
I look so confused.
Moment of silence for all our...
...fallen soldiers.
Oh man, that's not music related, but that's a good one.
That is so good.
I think that's definitely one of my top ten favorite memes
- I've seen on this so far. - Yeah!
(both) "Imagination!"
It's like our website.
- TwoSetViolin.com. Go to it, you guys. - Yeah.
- You can't just visit the website. - Yeah.
- You need to do a certain something. Yeah. - You gotta pass the test first.
Dude, this...
- This meme has been here for ages! - I know, I love it.
I love it so much.
We have the best, um...
...apparel design for this, coming out soon.
- Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah! - Yeah. So keep an eye out.
It's gonna be a classic...
- tribute to the beautiful... - Yeah.
- sacrilegious Bumblebee. - You guys are gonna love it.
- We're really happy about it. Can't wait. - Yeah.
Is that true?
- Looks like it's a freaking... - Nahh...
- It looks like one of the, like, fake... - Tadpoles.
- Fake websites. - Yeah, that's true.
- Nice. - That's cool!
I look pretty bald, no?
Or that's just cuz the hair's pulled down.
Nah, you're balding, bro.
That's what you would look like if you were bald.
Yeah, that's what happens after you hear the LoFi for 40 minutes.
- That does look really cool though. - Yeah.
I like that video.
- What is that— What are you doing? - Why am I there?
Dude, there's bubble tea!
Oh, that's what we're missing!
- Do you wanna get bubble tea? - Yeah, let's get bubble tea.
- Yeah, let's get bubble tea. - Alright.
(both) Yeah!
My life has a purpose!!
Thank you, u/SinderSong,
for reminding us to get bubble tea today!
- Something was missing from my life. - I know!
Dude, that's so sick!
Dude, he has a better side profile
- than mine in real life. - I know!
Why am I hugging that plushie like,
In that pink hoodie.
- Dude, that's the best pink hoodie. - That's so my mood though, to be honest.
Oh, and the tote bag!
- Oh yeah! - We need to restock that.
Oh, tote bag will come soon!
Sometime soon.
Oh yeah, and by the way, thanks for the support.
Can you guys believe this sold out in just a few days?
Brett: This one here. Not...
- Oh yeah. This one. - Yeah.
- We're happy that it's really popular. - Gotta restock it. Yeah.
We were a bit nervous at the beginning,
'cause our whole team put so much...
- time into it. - And it's also our first time...
doing a more...
I guess, not just like a T-shirt.
In case you guys didn't know,
some TwoSet Apparel news,
for the longest time,
- we've always wanted to expand - Yeah.
our product line.
We did so much research beforehand,
and so many failures.
- Yeah. - Like, you guys...
- Obviously you guys don't see what happens behind. - Yeah.
- But a lot of trialling, testing... - Yeah.
Working on manufacturing skills.
Eventually we came up with this design.
This varsity jacket with
obviously, "Practice" on the back.
- It's like, towel embroidery. - Yeah.
It's so good.
So it feels really nice.
Thank you for everyone that got it.
And we're really glad that you guys liked it, so...
- Yee. - Yeah.
That's so good!
I can't relate.
I can't even relate to myself.
That's so long ago!
- I mean... - Look at those glasses.
First of all, that happens like once in a blue moon.
But second of all, when it happens I'm like,
"This is what Ling Ling feels like on a 24-hour—
40-hour basis."
No, when it happens,
- you know you're not gonna do it again. - Yeah...!
"I peaked."
- Yeah! - "I've peaked."
I don't think I've ever thought...
"Take that Ling Ling."
- Yeah, no! - Never.
I would be like,
"Well, that's 1% of Ling Ling."
Dude, imagine you just did a performance,
and in your mind, you just go,
"Take that, Hilary Hahn."
Eddy: That never...
That thought has never crossed my mind!
- Bro, that's like... - NEVER!
- Dude, there's so many... - "Take that, David Oistrakh!"
"Take that, Heifetz!"
"Take that, Ling Ling!"
It's like, Ling Ling's like, "Ha ha ha."
But hey...
Obviously, the person that made this meme...
...has experienced that.
Don't let us put you down.
- We're all for it. We'll hype you up. - Yes. Yeah.
Go nail that passage!
And go practice so you can nail that passage!
Go take on Ling Ling! You can do it.
Fulfill the dreams that we once had.
(A is for...)
(B is for...)
- I thought it was gonna be "Bumblebee." - Yeah.
Yeah, B... I couldn't get it, I was like, "What?"
Okay, let's guess it.
Alright, C is gonna be for...
Canon in D.
(C is for...)
- OHH!!! - Oh, of course!!
(both) Ahh, charades!
Okay, D for...
(D is for...)
Dab! I did get it! Yeah, it was!!
Got it.
- Dude, that's so old! - Oh, wow! That's 3 years ago!
Alright, E is for Eddy.
(is for...)
(both) Editor-san!
I've been rejected!
F is for...
Friends. Okay, let's do that.
(is for...)
- Ah, Flight of... Yeah. - Ohh, okay.
- Okay... Yeah, that's good. Yeah. - Fair enough.
G is for...
Dude, this is hard.
This is really hard.
I give up. Let's see.
(G is for...)
(H is for...)
Oh, happy birthday!
Of course.
(I is for...)
Oh, there's two for I.
- That's the most triggering line, when he said it. - Yeah.
(J is for...)
- All the jazz people are probably roasting. - Yeah.
(K is for...)
(L is for...)
Ling Ling!
(M is for...)
(N is for...)
"Nel cor sum putanto"!
I could never say it.
- Yeah! - (O is for...)
- Oui oui! - Yeah, oui oui!
(P is for...)
Yeah, of course.
- Wow, this is so old! - Dude.
- Man... - Oh, it's so embarrassing! - (Q is for...)
(R is for...)
(S is for...)
(T is for...)
Oh, yeah. Of course.
(U is for...)
Use ro...
- Savage! - (V is for...)
Oh, yeah!
- OG Viola Gang! - Ayy!
(W is for...)
You are so...!
I look so ****ed.
That was our first world tour, by the way.
Yeah, you can see how...
The state of my eyes,
that's how stressed and overworked we were.
Oh, god.
I feel like...
A mixture of like, respect but cringe.
- Look at you! Look at you! - Look how young I was!
I look like, 12!
- Like, no social cues. - Yeah, yeah!
It's just...
You're just nodding!
Why do I look so intense?
Like, my glare?
Why am I glaring at the camera like that?
Dude, when you're nodding,
you're actually still looking at the camera.
I'm like a freaking psycho!
I gotta say though, like...
Thank you, everyone that supported us back then.
Oh, my god, for those of you who don't know...
Supporting in these two...
- Dude, look— Yeah. - ...people's dreams.
- (X is for...) - Oh, my god. - What's with X?
What were we thinking?
I still cringe.
(Y is for...)
What the hell??
(Z is for...)
Yeah, that's true guys!
And on that note...
(both) Go practice!
Thank you guys so much for watching,
please accent the like button.
Once again...
Check out our merch. We'll see you guys next time.
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9 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on May 21, 2020
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