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Hey, how's it going?
Welcome back to another episode of
Didn't get enough sleep, but...
we've got a really cool...
Look at that, guys. It says...
- Is this how they f****** treat a fragile package? - "小..." Yeah.
Today we are building a violin,
a DIY violin.
So this appeared on our r/LingLing40hrs a while ago?
I don't know if it's the exact same one.
...exact same model, but we found...
We looked online and found this.
Brett: I mean, it's good to know it's new.
And we bought it online for $61 USD.
- Bro... - Dude, what is-
This is all that's protecting the violin.
That is... not...
*cough cough*
This is how they pack it, guys.
- Wow... - What the hell is that?
Look at that! Oh, that looks na-
- That looks nasty. - It looks like they glued it and ripped it out.
Why is there glue marks?
Can you guys see all those splintering parts there?
There's two stickers over there.
Not so nice.
Before the reveal,
accent the like button.
If you want to keep watching,
make sure you accent it.
That's right. See this?
Well, someone didn't pay attention to the fragile sticker.
Bro, I want my $61 back.
Why is there a pencil mark in the middle of the back?
There's pencil mark.
It's like someone was drawing.
Pencil mark here.
Be careful, don't even splinter...
There's no varnish.
Why is this black?
This wood chip's falling off.
I don't think... like...
- I mean, we could try and get Super Glue, but- - How do you... How do you put it on?
- WAIT A SECOND!! - That doesn't even work!
You see this?
There needs to be an opening in the rib here,
- Yeah. - for this to insert.
- But there isn't. - Dude, I don't know.
Alright, so now here's all the accessories.
Let's analyse them one by one.
Pfft! Look at the strings!
All four bundled up together.
That's so...
Are they even new?
They look nasty.
These metal bits... The ends...
Not just sharp, they look like rusted.
That's disgust- Yeah, it looks rusty.
- That's actually rusty. - Alright, you probably can't see, but...
the ends of the thing just looks rusty and disgusting.
And the bridge- Oh my god...
There's no groove.
There's no grooves for the string, guys.
Oh wait!
Where do you put the strings in?
So, when you put strings in the pegs,
the end of the string has to go into the peg like that, insert.
(both) But there's no holes!
There's no holes!
Am I meant to drill it myself?
It doesn't even fit!
We can't even build a violin. This is s-
Wait, it's the sound post.
Dude, there's a chip in it.
Guys, so you know the sound post is like
the soul of the instrument.
- Yeah. - And there's chip there.
Brett: FYI, sound post is to fit inside the violin, right?
But look at this.
It's taller!
The sound post is in.
Eddy: Oh nice.
Wait, where do I put the end pin?
What's the ratings on this?
- That is the biggest lie. - "Product quality above..."
(both) "average!"
"Above average..."
We have glue. We'll tape-
Oh, we have tape! We can just wrap it up!
We got glue.
And I got stick tape.
- Let me get started with this. - Yeah.
Glue stick!
The stuff you use in school.
- Yeah. - Primary school. You guys remember this?
Dude, this glue is so dry.
Yeah, you can see I don't use glue, hey.
Let's go!
Bro, that's so wrong.
It doesn't even touch.
We messed up.
Nah, it's fine.
Guys, this is it.
We got this tape.
This is really a DIY violin.
It's definitely above average quality product-
- product quality. - Yeah, I really recommend...
- Yeah. - making yourself and buying something like this.
This is definitely...
better than a viola.
- Oh! Beautiful! - Dude!
It's not even straight!
Leaning Tower of Pisa.
But violin version.
Oh, now we need glue.
Dude, that angle is wrong.
The neck angle is so wrong!
It should be like higher.
- Yeah. - Well, not that higher, but this is wrong.
- Alright, let's go. - Got glue.
Oh yeah!
Look at that!
Oh yeah!
Dude, it's so wobbly. Look at that!
The glue actually worked.
Okay, what's next?
The pegs that don't fit?
Do you wanna drill a hole?
I don't have a drill though.
Bro, it's sticking out the top.
Okay, look at that.
There's no hole in the chin rest.
So you can't even- You can't-
This is not DIY.
You need to be a whole freaking...
construction worker.
This violin looks like...
...me covering my intonation.
Dude, it's not going in.
- What do you mean? - None of these holes and the things
that are meant to go in the holes
- are matching in size. - Are working.
Oh god!
Wait, but how are the strings gonna go on it?
They can't.
Oh, you know what? We'll just sticky tape.
See that?
Just kidding.
Alright, I think this one is a G string.
So we gotta... do that.
- Loop it in. - Okay, don't pull it too hard.
I don't think this tape's gonna hold.
G string is on this side.
Whoa bro, that's not gonna support ANYTHING.
Let me think.
Sticky tape!
Is the bridge gonna fit under that? Let's check.
Oh, the bridge works!
Dude, look at how it's sticking under the freaking...
Alright, let's do the other pegs.
Here's the technique called...
stick-the-peg-on-the-violin technique.
Wrap it around the pegs,
and just...
Alright, we're gonna put the string on now.
- Alright! - Alright!
Look at that! D and G!
Alright guys, we're working twice- double now.
- 'Cause this... - Are you putting the A or the E peg on?
I'm putting the A.
Oh yeah! Look at that!
Oh, it's like that um...
You know Toy Story?
Have you seen Toy Story 3? That spoon?
This is worse than I expected.
- Yeah, this is- - I literally thought it was like a legit...
- I thought it could at least be put together. - Or be... put together, and maybe make a sound.
Guys, look at that!
I don't think we'll bother with the chin rest.
- Nah, chin rest won't go on. Oh! - It's not even possible.
Yeah, but there's no drill.
Just stick it on.
Alright, there we go.
Alright, the bridge.
Oh wow! That is monumental!
Can you guys see it?
Its feet's dangling.
The feet's dangling?
I think we need to sticky tape the bridge.
Yeah, let's sticky tape the bridge.
Oh, the E string came off! ****!
We need to sticky tape this as well.
It's not gonna work.
There you go.
And look at this.
Double taping on both sides.
Wow, this violin is like...
How is it even for sale?
60 bucks.
This probably costs like...
1 cent to manufacture.
Dude, it's probably reversed.
- They pay you to take it. - Yeah, it should be- Yeah.
'Cause they're throwing junk away
for you're cleaning the storage for them.
Alright, it's time to play.
Guess what it would sound like?
Get the viola bow.
- Alright, let's do it. - Here we go, guys.
- I feel... I feel that's- - I'm gonna play...
This is the 3 mil Tchaik-
- Sibelius. The 3 mil Sibelius. - Don't hurt yourself.
It's actually pretty cool.
- Yeah. - It's got this like...
Chainsaw sound effect?
It's like s...
It's like someone is...
at the near-death.
Dude, the bridge is...
Brett: Dude, this is messed up.
What the hell?
*sings Hungarian Dances No.5*
Eddy: It's beautiful.
Dude, this violin feels hazardous.
- It is hazardous. - Wow! Okay, there you go.
What should we do with it now?
Throw it away.
Smash it?
Can we burn it?
*sings coffin dance music*
*Brett sings*
Alright guys, that's it for the video.
Very sacrilegious instrument.
Once again, if there's a DIY violin online,
DO NOT buy it.
60 USD!
60 USD just to get this...
This, is 60 USD.
- No, it's cheaper than 60 USD. - It is.
- It feels better, more functional, more comfort. - Yeah.
You can use this for ages.
That's right, guys. Also, check out our new drops.
You probably noticed.
The varsity jacket.
"PRACTICE" on the back.
Thank you to our team for making it happen.
And once again, accent the like button.
martele the subscribe button.
See you guys next time.
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$60 Sacrilegious DIY Violin is a NIGHTMARE

7 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on May 21, 2020
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