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Collar-and-elbow tie-up and Hartwell throws Nox to the canvas. 2
Nox is showcasing her speed. 3
>> No, no, no, no. 4
>> Hey, hey, stay off the hair, stay of the hair. 5
>> Powerful, handful of hair there from Hartwell, 6
showing her nasty side early on in this match up. 7
>> Let's go, Tegan. 8
Come on. 9
Hartwell's mother's Chilean, her father's Italian, 10
however, born in Australia, bringing a mix and back press. 11
And wow, Indi Hartwell looking for 12
the quick victory at the expense of Tegan Nox, Byron. 13
Hartwell understands how much a win against Tegan Nox can boost her stock. 14
Really enter her name into the equation when you talk about some of the top stars 15
here in the women's division. 16
>> It would be be definitely a huge boost to her career thus far, 17
the score of victory over Tegan Nox. 18
Nox struggling to take down the larger competitor, Indi Hartwell. 19
>> Hartwell putting the boots to Tegan Nox in the corner. 20
Referee tending to Tegan Nox. 21
And Indi Hartwell hyperaggressive in the early stages of this match-up. 22
>> [SOUND] >> Big boot from Tegan Nox but 23
it's Hartwell with a clubbing forearm, the double axe handle to the back of Nox. 24
>> We've seen Nox with that never say die attitude, wow, 25
display of strength from Indi Hartwell. 26
Let's go inside. 27
>> Up from the top rope. 28
But right into the grip of Lady Kane. 29
Tegan Nox with a chokeslam. 30
>> Nox struggling to get the pinfall after the huge 31
chokeslam You see the look of determination? 32
>> Nox knocking Hartwell, and there's a chop to the chest. 33
And now it's Tegan Nox unloading a series of right hands on Hartwell. 34
>> Nox still unable to move Hartwell with the Irish whip. 35
Nice evasive tactic by Tegan Nox, running European uppercut in the corner and 36
Byron, Tegan Nox taking Hartwell off her feet. 37
>> Hartwell took a toll on Tegan Nox. 38
>> Cannon ball. 39
>> I have been on the wrong side of that and it hurts. 40
Nox on the top turn buckle. 41
Hartwell to her feet, diving cross body by the Captain America of NXT. 42
Nox looking to be the fastest, strongest and shiniest and 43
there's the shiniest wizard catching Hartwell. 44
Tegan Nox triumphs. 45
>> Here is your winner, Tegan Nox. 46
[MUSIC] 47
>> Decisive victory here for Tegan Nox. 48
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Tegan Nox vs. Indi Hartwell: WWE NXT, May 13, 2020

16 Folder Collection
張家睿 published on May 19, 2020
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