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  • Hello and welcome to The English

  • We Speak with me, Feifei...

  • ...and me, Roy.

  • We may sound a little different - that's

  • because we are not able

  • to record in our normal studios

  • during the coronavirus outbreak.

  • In this programme, we have an

  • expression that is used to describe

  • the minimum number of people that are

  • required to run a business.

  • Speaking of which, there

  • are not many people working in

  • the train stations today.

  • No, you're right. It's because of

  • the strikes on the trains.

  • Ahh, so that's why it was hard

  • to get a train this morning!

  • The train companies decided

  • to run the trains on a skeleton crew!

  • What!? Skeletons driving the trains?!

  • Is this some kind of ghost story?

  • I think I'll walk home!

  • No, Roy! 'Skeleton crew' refers to the

  • minimum number of people

  • needed to run a business

  • or an organisation.

  • Ahh yes, and it's usually in times of crisis

  • or during an emergency,

  • for example the coronavirus,

  • that people run businesses

  • with a skeleton crew.

  • Exactly, let's listen to these examples...

  • Due to the financial problems of the

  • company, the office will be run

  • with a skeleton crew

  • for the foreseeable future.

  • The Covid-19 emergency means

  • that we will run the buses with

  • a skeleton crew until further notice.

  • A skeleton crew will be needed to keep

  • the park open over the winter months.

  • This is The English We Speak from BBC

  • Learning English and we're talking

  • about the expression

  • 'skeleton crew', which is used to talk

  • about the minimum number

  • of people needed to run

  • a business or an organisation.

  • I love the expression 'skeleton crew'.

  • It makes me think of a pirate ship

  • run by skeletons.

  • We can also use the words 'skeleton staff'

  • with the same meaning.

  • Well, one good thing when there's

  • a skeleton staff at work is there's

  • no queue for the cafeteria!

  • Trust you to think about food!

  • Well, I'm just glad there aren't real

  • skeletons working at the BBC.

  • That's just in horror stories!

  • Exactly, you don't need worry about

  • skeletons walking around.

  • They're not real! It's vampires

  • you need to worry about! Ha ha ha!

  • What!?

  • Bye, Roy.

  • Bye, Feifei.

Hello and welcome to The English

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What's a 'skeleton crew'? The English We Speak

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