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- Yeah, I get lonely, so what?
I don't care.
(puffs air)
- Um.
- No.
- Mmm.
- Do I ever feel lonely?
- I do feel lonely, quite often actually in my life.
- Awww.
- I feel like a lotta people do.
Especially, like single people.
- There are moments where I would rather not be alone.
- I think it's normal.
I think it's a human thing to feel lonely.
- You get lonely and I don't care what people say,
oh, you know I'm traveling too much, I'm working too much,
I'm not lonely.
You get lonely.
- To me loneliness feels like a longing
for somebody else, somebody to share things with.
- It's an empty feeling, it's hollow.
- It feels like a dark room.
- Often when I feel the most lonely
is like moving different places.
You have to start over, it's kinda exhausting.
- It's like sad or overwhelming feeling
and then it hits, I'm like okay oh yeah, I'm lonely.
Better call my friends.
- I do not have a lot of friends. (chuckles)
I care about quality of relationships,
then quantity of relationships.
- I can probably count them on one hand.
- Three close friends.
- Five to six solid friends.
- 15 solid friends.
- I used to feel very lonely.
- I don't think I can tell when I'm lonely.
- Later on, I'll look back and be like wow,
I was not in a good head space
or I could have definitely used a friend.
- There's a Buddhist teaching that loneliness is perpetual.
We will always be lonely
because we are born alone and we die alone.
- Address that you're lonely
and that it's okay you are alone.
Like being alone is like the best thing ever,
'cause you learn the most about yourself.
- Loneliness sucks.
- When I'm lonely, you know I'll listen to sad music.
Sometimes it makes me feel better,
sometimes it makes me feel a little worse.
- I like swinging on the swing in the park.
I love going at night and just like swinging my, (sighs)
ah loneliness away.
- I think people, they should feel lonely in a sense,
but they shouldn't feel lonely 24, 7.
But I guess you're able to feel alone in themselves
and so just wanna be happy about where they're going.
- It's so easy not to feel lonely today.
- Go hang out with friends or read a book.
- Go out for a walk maybe.
- I don't believe in like, kinda like holding back
and secluding yourself, so like I kinda reach out
to my friends and family and just talk to them, so.
- I think you can become a lot better at avoiding situations
where you're putting the loneliness behind,
because you're so scared of it.
- If you can find something positive in solitude
and if you can find a way to cope with it,
then it gets a lot better.
- Am I lonely?
Sometimes I think I am, but I've also learned
to appreciate how whole my life is at the same time.
(light airy music)
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Why Are Millennials So Lonely? | Digital Love

16 Folder Collection
nanako.kamiya published on May 18, 2020
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