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There it is!
Get off my tail! Let me go!
Sulley, what are you doing?
Grab on, Mike!
Are you out of your mind?
Sulley, what are we doing?
We have to get Boo's door and find a station.
What a plan.
Simple, yet insane.
-Woah. -Oh, boy.
Hold on.
Don't look down!
I'm going to be sick.
I'm going to be sick.
Oh, no!
Boo's door!
There it is!
How are we supposed to get to it now?
Oh, it's a dead end, Sulley.
There he is.
Make her laugh.
What? Sulley...
Just do it!
Get it open.
Here he comes.
Give me that kid!
Why couldn't we get banished here?
Come on, we got to find another door.
Look! Boo's door!
There he is.
Hurry up, hurry up.
Give me your hand.
Come on, it slides, it slides!
Oh, right, right.
I'm right behind you.
Come on!
Hurry up.
Keep moving.
Get inside.
That was weird.
Oh, sorry, buddy.
Hard day.
I hope that hurt, lizard boy!
Great job, buddy, we lost him!
Nice working with you!
Get it open!
I'm trying!
Open the door!
Come on, get in here!
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The Door Chase from Monsters, Inc. | Pixar Side by Side

1520 Folder Collection
Estelle published on May 18, 2020    Estelle translated    adam reviewed
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