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- [Interviewer] Describe the worst nightmare you've ever had
- The worst one.
- Oh my God, my worst nightmare.
- It's fucked up.
- I'm gonna tell you, ugh.
(upbeat music)
- [Interviewer] Describe your worst nightmare.
- I don't remember my dreams very much.
- Are you talking about worst nightmare in real life
or like dreaming?
- [Interviewer] Dreaming.
Describe your worst nightmare.
- I'm fighting some giant giraffe
and it's trying to headbutt me.
- My legs have holes all over them, like Swiss cheese.
- [Interviewer] Your worst nightmare.
- I'm deathly afraid of anything that flies.
- I used to have a recurring nightmare
that I was in a plane.
- Sometimes it just gets lower and lower and that's it.
Other times it's like (imitating crashing)
and everyone's screaming.
- The other night I dreamed
that my husband thought I was ugly.
- [Interviewer] Are you sure it was a dream?
- I moved around a lot when I was a little girl.
Every single time I moved to a new school,
I had a dream that dinosaurs attacked it.
- My mom had like this fat-ass SUV when we were a kid,
so we all got in the whip and tried to skirt out,
and this T-Rex just picked us up,
and then the dream ends with him eating us.
- [Interviewer] Describe your worst nightmare.
- (laughs) Oh my God, I cannot.
I totally chopped up my best friend
into little cube-size pieces.
The cubes were so precise and everything was so clean,
it wasn't gory.
(Interviewer laughing)
You guys think I'm a lunatic.
- [Interviewer] Um.
Worst nightmare.
- It involved zombies.
- "Bride of Chucky."
- Ventriloquist dolls.
- There was like this really blubbery--
- Faceless-
- Shadowy figure--
- [Interviewer] What was it?
- I have no idea, it was just like a--
- Short, little dwarf.
- The girl from "The Ring."
- Sasquatch.
- Cougar. - Hyena.
- Laugh all you want, goats.
- Rhinoceros.
- Crabs everywhere.
I mean like crustacean crabs.
- I used to have this reoccurring nightmare
that I would go down into my garage
and then there was like somebody hiding underneath
the workbench.
- I remember being afraid.
- I could hear him coming closer to me.
- And then they take me,
they put a black bag over my head, throw me in a thing,
and my family never sees me again.
- [Interviewer] Worst nightmare.
- It just doesn't make sense, I'm always--
- Dying of an asthma attack.
- Drowning. - Murdered.
- Chased.
- Fired from my job.
- My son was kidnapped.
- Falling.
- [Interviewer] Who pushes you?
- I don't know, I can't see the bitch.
- I die in elevators a lot.
- Lost in the middle of a natural disaster.
- Climbing up a mountain.
- And then I find a hole in the side of the mountain.
- I'm trying to squeeze through and then I'm stuck.
- There was a huge hunk and he was trying to defend me
from all the scary stuff.
- [Interviewer] What do you think that meant?
Is your boyfriend the hunk?
- No, no he's not a hunk.
He has a belly, yeah, so. (laughing)
- [Interviewer] Worst nightmare you've ever had.
Take me there, I wanna be in the nightmare with you.
- It's like this really weird nightmare under a bridge.
- Locked in a room.
- Full of lockers.
- In a dark parking lot.
- I was on a waterfall.
- Got the Great Wall of China.
- And an abandoned arcade in the Italian countryside.
- I was in the "Looney Tunes",
you know when they go like, that's all, folks.
Someone was throwing deli meat at me and saying like,
slice the ham, slice the ham, slice the ham,
and I was really scared.
- [Interviewer] Describe your worst nightmare.
- I don't dream.
- I smoke a lot of pot.
- I get too high to remember my nightmares.
- [Interviewer] Describe your worst nightmare.
- Losing my teeth.
(woman gasping)
- It was so vivid. (shuddering)
- It just kinda happens all of the sudden.
- There's no blood, it's just gums and holes.
- [Interviewer] What does that mean?
- I think it's like part of it is like you're worried
about how people might perceive you.
- I haven't been to the dentist in a while
so I think that's my brain telling me I should go.
- [Interviewer] Describe the worst nightmare you've ever had.
- I had sleep paralysis before.
- Sleep paralysis, it feels like you're dying.
- It's like a wake up, I think that I wake up,
and then I don't.
- And I couldn't move, I couldn't scream.
- And it happens when I'm stressed out.
- [Interviewer] Describe your worst nightmare.
- Hmm.
- I was walking through the hallway in my high school,
a popular girl was walking by me and I said hi
'cause I thought she was waving to me,
and then she wasn't.
- [Interviewer] Describe your worst nightmare.
- Car accident.
- The brake will never work.
- The bus was hanging over the edge of a bridge.
- The whole bridge collapses and I sink in my car.
- One time I got shot, point-fucking blank.
It was fucked up.
- [Interviewer] Where do you get shot?
- Normally in the head.
- The legs.
- Abdomen, and I felt it.
- [Interviewer] What'd it feel like?
- Like I died.
- There was a recent one where my children's throats
were slit, yeah.
- [Interviewer] Describe your worst nightmare.
- My dad dying.
- And all my loved ones just dead.
- I have a dream about a tsunami
and my family's dying in it.
- My worst nightmare was that my whole family
was murdered in front of me,
but my older brother was framed for the crime.
- [Interviewer] Why do we have nightmares?
- I definitely think it's a projection
of what we are suppressing.
I'm always the person that's like,
what did you dream about last night?
Okay, let me analyze it.
- [Interviewer] Worst nightmare.
- I have apocalyptic nightmares.
- I hear a big boom in my house.
- I open the door to my apartment and walk out.
- Fire coming down, God is like, you're bad.
- And he would have a fedora,
and he'd have the glass of alcohol,
and he'd be like, you know it's the end.
And I was like....
- [Interviewer] Describe your worst nightmare.
- Somebody chasing me.
- I'm not sure what the thing is.
- I'm running through a field.
- It's like slow-motion.
- You're just like, I wanna wake up and I can't, dude.
- Dreams are so much fun
'cause it's like your subconscious is holding stuff for you
and saving it for later.
And they're like, look what we made for you, it's fucked up.
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100 People Describe Their Worst Nightmare | Keep it 100 | Cut

40 Folder Collection
Annie Chien published on May 18, 2020    陳美瑩 translated    Evangeline reviewed
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