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Once upon a time, in the land of Sagami,
a little boy named Kintaro lived in Mt.Ashigara.
He was a healthy boy who wore nothing but a red waistcoat
and ran around the mountains carrying an axe.
Mother . I got some wood.
Good boy.It's dinner time.
Let's eat!
Kintaro lived with his kindly mother.
His father was said to be a red dragon that lived in the sky.
Kintaro was friends with the mountain animals.
Today they made a wrestling ring in the field, and are having a wrestling match.
He's hanging there!
The strongest of the animals was the great, big bear.
One by one he sent the other animals flying out of the ring.
And now it's my turn!
Don't cry when I send you flying.
Ready, Go!
Aw...I'm out. Oh!
Next they had a tug of war.
It's all of us against Kintaro now and we can lose.
That's it. Pull! Pull!
You can do it. Pull him back.
Kintaro and his friends often had races. Today they're racing each other to the top pf the mountain.
Wait up!
Alright we're almost there.
Now it's time to really cut loose.
There's no way I can beat Kintaro.
One hot summer day they went swimming at a pond.
Ready, Go!
While Kintaro was swimming, a giant carp who owned the pond appeared.
If it isn't Kintaro. Even you can't beat me in the water then.
Oh yes I can.
Well then, try and catch me if you can.
Come on. Over here.
Wait up!
He's still on my tail. Rather tenacious, isn't he?
I'm tired.
He caught me then!
The surprised carp jumped high into the air with Kintaro on his back.
Kintaro was also a very kind -hearted boy. When his mother's eyes went bad,
he carried her on his back to a spa known to cure eye problems.
Kintaro, have a rice ball.
It's OK. I'm not hungry. You can eat my share. Mother.
Along the way Kintaro carved an image of a child god on a rock with his fingernails.
Please cure my mother's eyes.
And so his mother's eyes instantly recovered.
One day there was a storm on peaceful Mt.Asigara.
Heavy rain fell and a strong wind blew.
Even Kintaro couldn't go outside on a day like this.
Hey! Everybody, are you OK? Hello?
On the mountain a rabbit was trapped under a fallen tree.
Unnn! Help me!
Ah! Kintaro!
Are you OK?
Yes thank you!
Kintaro went further and found some animals trapped on a cliff on the other side of a ravine.
The bridge washed out and we can't cross over.
OK, wait there.
Hurray! Thanks Kintaro! Thanks!
And so happy days began again on Mt.Ashigara.
Then one day, a noble warrior named Minamoto No Yorimitsu was passing near Mt.Ashigara.
Yorimitsu looked up to see a red cloud floating over the mountain.
Wondering what it was, he took three of his soldiers and went into the mountains.
I'm out!
Ready...hya - - !
What a powerful kid.
You, now what's your name?
I'm Kintaro.
What do you say, Kintaro? How about wrestling one of my men?
Yorimitsu, you must be joking, He's only a child.
Urabe Suetake, being careless was easily thrown out.
Yorimitsu, I'm next.
Next, Usui Sadamitsu went up against the boy.
But he was easily thrown out, too.
Next a big man named Watanabe No Tsuna came forward.
Alright Kintaro, try an' beat me.
Watabnabe was very strong, and the two were caught in a deadlock.
The result's a tie then.
Just as Yorimitsu was about to stop them...
...Kintaro tripped Watanabe.
Ah then this kid's a real powerhouse.
What do you say, Kintaro? How about being one of my men and coming to the capital?
What? The capital? Sorry but, I can't leave my mother all alone.
And a kind boy, too.
Yorimitsu went home with Kintaro to talk to his mother.
She was surprised at first, but agreed to let Kintaro go to the apital.
Ever since you were born, I knew this day would come.
The cloud he saw over the mountain was a message from your father in heaven.
Kintaro, go and become a great warrior.
Yes, mother. I'll do my best.
The next day, Kintaro set off for the capital.
Bye. See you.
Bye. See you.
After that Kintaro was given the name Sakata Kintoki, and he trained with all his might.
Eventually he joined Urabe Suetake, Usui Sadamitsu and Watanabe No Tsuna, to from Shitenno.
a band of the four greatest warriors who could vanquish even ogres.
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KINTARO (ENGLISH) Animation of Japanese Traditional Stories

56 Folder Collection
Takaaki Inoue published on May 18, 2020
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