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Pashtun tribe never Celebrated the birth of a girl.
And as soon as they entered my world.
I got a lot of love from my people.
Are you aware of Helen Keller?
The person, who can't see...
Can't speak and even is a deaf,
How come they could be so much successful in life?
They are born fighters Jani (sweetheart).
Inspired by the brave Malalai of Afghanistan,
Grandfather kept my name Malala.
I was not even aware that just like
The martyr of Maiwand, Malalai...
I also have to fight the same battle of rights.
God is great.
From today on, You have to offer true evidence
of your loyalty towards Islam.
No man will be allowed to shave his beard.
Women shouldn't be seen being shameless and infidel.
And from now on,
No girl will be permitted to go the school.
Why the Talibans are against school and education?
It's impossible to manipulate an educated person,
in the name of, religious-war and inappropriate Hadith.
That's why the Taliban very cleverly keeps women away
from the school and education.
Together we must free our Swat from Talibani commandeer.
And to unmask those real enemies of islam...
I want to offer my help.
The terror plagued people of Pakistan have got their voice...
And we have got our Gul Makai.
You don't need to be worried of Taliban.
If they own the power of Guns,
We celebrate the power of Pen.
One child, one teacher, one book and one pen
can change the World.
Ziauddin Yousafzai and his daughter...
...must stop Insulting Islam.
We won't regret if we have to kill...
I don't want to put my children's lives on risk.
Who is Malala?
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Gul Makai | Official Trailer | AKA Malala Yousufzai | H.E. Amjad Khan | 31st Jan

9 Folder Collection
蔡秋玲 published on May 17, 2020
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