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- What is that?
- It's definitely not a
It's not a
- Alex, we are here
because Red Bull Japan
has asked us to
draw a box cart
for their race in Tokyo.
- Okay.
- I've got a few examples
where we can look to
and get some inspirations from
- Yes.
- 'cause I don't think we are
the most talented drawers ourselves
- I think for yourself.
- Okay, ah.
- No.
- Not at all.
- This one is quite interesting.
- I think.
This is what I was thinking, right.
This is basically my design.
- Okay.
- Because you see what's in it?
- Yeah.
- I am thinking about doing a helmet.
So it's kind of like this
- To do a helmut? Or a helmet?
- That's Marko's face on the car.
- Aladdin.
- Yeah.
- I think. That's like a..
- Oh my god.
- We got students to make our design.
So don't make it like
- Better?
- Too difficult.
- Too difficult. Okay.
- I was thinking. At the same time.
If we did a really bad drawing,
will they copy it like,
as much as possible?
Or they can make it like a good version?
- I think, you know, I always.
In my head, I have a lot of examples of what I want to draw
- Yeah.
- but I just can't draw it,
so probably if we just draw something
they will have it in their minds
like how to perfectly
- Make it better.
- Execute.
- Yeah, exactly.
- All right.
- Let's do it.
Oh my god.
Is your pen leaking?
- Oh, we have a technical issue over there.
- All right, I am gonna restart.
- [Alex] How's your looking mate?
- [Max] Going somewhere, I think.
- Are you getting like, some, proper rooms?
- Okay, I am trying to.
- What is that?
- It's the front wing.
- Oh my god.
- You know this idea was a lot better in my head.
It should be like. Kind of.
Scoop underneath the front nose
You know what Red Bull are gonna love about this?
It's gonna have all our sponsors on.
- So win-win for everyone.
- I am so bad at drawing, it's unbelievable.
- What is this? A steering wheel?
- Yeah.
- I'm only making it worse.
- Are you starting again?
- Yeah.
- I hope they're in wheels.
- You can stay on the car
'cause they don't look very circular.
- Yeah. I don't know how to draw that straight up.
- Your car, she might be quite fast.
You know. It might actually win the tournament.
- Well, I would hope so.
- Have you designed your crew?
Are you gonna be the mechanic?
- I just got one guy in it.
- I'll design some pit. Some pit guys.
We're going full Japanese,
I remember how to do this when I was a kid
- Okay I'm kind of drawing my new front wing
for the Japanese growing brit.
- Is that the error update for Japan?
- Yeah, that is definitely our error update.
I'm not too sure it's gonna work out well but,
my rear wing could a bit more sophisticated
but, we don't want to create too much downfalls
it needs to be strong, mine
for the jumps
- Oh, true.
- I don't have much ground clearance
- It's called MVR Grand Prix
- Okay, I only quoted like.
I wanted to pronounce "Us" but then like
AAS like Alex Albon
- Yeah.
- [Max] You're going way too much into detail.
- [Alex] I'm done.
- This is so funny.
This guy is so funny.
I can't draw that.
- So Max, I'm with the ASS Car.
Albon Super Sport Car
We have a
a helmet.
I'm going to use my own helmet.
- It's actually quite a good drawing.
- I thought the idea was,
it's seem like inception
the guy wearing my helmet,
he's gonna be inside my helmet
that's quite some aggressive driving position like that
- It is.
- quite laid-back.
No sense of gravity.
- It's quite dangerous, with the, its fine.
It's gonna be fine people.
- That's why, we pay
our drivers good money.
- Yeah.
True that.
To win, right?
- Everything for victory.
- Exactly.
- My favorite color is orange.
- I wouldn't guess that. Never guess.
- So, I was like,
I'm quite tempted to make it orange.
It looks like old school of one car,
like the 90's.
- Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Might be difficult to.
- It's all for the errand thing.
To create a bit of a ground effect.
- All right.
I know just keep drive it cool.
You know we should ask.
Like, make them, make like smoke.
Like, put like, smoke things inside.
- I've got my exhaust over here.
- Ah! You just put like red
- Yeah, like small bombs in it.
Yeah, yeah.
They got quite a strong suspension
- You're going for the 2019 front wing, is it?
- I went for the 2019 front wing
you know, not to over complicate things
and also, I don't want to over complicate my drawing.
This wheel is a little bit out
so probably, somebody broke the suspension
yeah, I got quite a long
nose, but its just because I had to
show you from the top
'cause I am not able to draw it from the sides
- And you know what happens is
'cause your car is longer,
you're gonna reach the finish line first
- within the nose
I don't know how to draw this
this is actually good to pay attention to
because I want my nose
so it starts pretty straight
and it needs to dive down like that
- Yeah.
- So, I want my front.
- [Alex] You know what you're drawing right?
- It's definitely not a
- It's not a
It's my nose.
No just to show the idea,
that the wheel is here
I can't. So don't get my nose wrong because
it's just for the error effect.
You know.
All right, guys. Good luck.
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Max Verstappen and Alex Albon Design Box Carts With Red Bull Japan

17 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on May 15, 2020
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