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(upbeat guitar music) 2
Hey Rachael, welcome to Moon Tower, 3
the home of the world's largest pizza. 4
Flour on the board. 5
World's largest pizza has 25 pounds of dough. 6
It's about seven cups of sauce. 7
Our sauce is made in house daily as well as our dough. 8
And now we're gonna add ten pounds of mozzarella. 9
Approximately 288 pepperonis on a pepperoni bus. 10
We're already slated to cater two weddings this fall 11
with the bus. 12
The most fun though is when we take it 13
to a birthday party for kids. 14
Their eyes light up. 15
Paul custom built what we call the gurney 16
'cause it kind of looks like a random upside down gurney. 17
It's got rollers on it to hold the pizza to make sure 18
that it goes through the oven. 19
We could even deliver it to your house. 20
We had a custom trailer built just so we can deliver it hot. 21
Thanks, Rachael! 22
I think we're gonna eat some pizza now. 23
They really do everything bigger in Texas. 24
That was Moon Tower Pizza in Texas. 25
That was crazy. 26
How do you deliver that pizza? 27
They built a trailer! 28
There's a special trailer just to take that pizza. 29
They had to have a special trailer. 30
It's like a pizza ambulance but instead of being sick 31
you're getting happy when you see that in the yard, right? 32
Yeah, you could bring in your sofa and the pizza 33
in the same delivery. 34
It's literally on a gurney, it's crazy! 35
Big appetites in Texas. 36
(upbeat guitar music) 37
Welcome to Arapahoe Basin Ski Area 38
in Summit County, Colorado. 39
My name is Katherine and I am so excited to take you 40
to a very special restaurant today. 41
The highest in North America. 42
il Rifugio at Snowplume sits at about 12,500 feet 43
and the only way to get there is by taking two lift rides 44
and the only way to get back down, is with some of these. 45
Welcome inside il Rifugio. 46
It's a very intimate setting, which is a nice place to be 47
on a Bluebird Day like this. 48
When people are up here, they feel like they're skiing 49
in the Alps. 50
And we wanted to honor that big mountain landscape 51
with our new menu. 52
One unique thing about this building is that 53
it is entirely solar powered. 54
The panels on the roof make up the highest solar array 55
in North America. 56
There's also no running water up here and water has 57
to be brought up by snow cab once a week. 58
(western guitar music) 59
Welcome to the Ski Inn. 60
It's the lowest restaurant bar in the western hemisphere. 61
You're at 230 feet below sea level. 62
People love this place. 63
They come here and put their dollars up. 64
They'll come back 10, 20 years from now and they'll find 65
their dollars. 66
Our food is excellent we have a five star rating 67
and we do everything from scratch here. 68
Good patty melts, good burgers. 69
Even Anthony Bourdain came in and had a patty melt with us. 70
He loved it. 71
Come out and see us, Rachael. 72
We always have fun here in Bombay Beach. 73
By the beautiful salty sea. 74
(applause) 75
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See Inside 3 Record-Holding Restaurants-Including The World's Largest Pizza

5 Folder Collection
Seina published on May 15, 2020
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