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What's up guys Lew here back with another video
And as you can tell, today something special is happening, I am not in my normal studio environment
That's because I'm in Paris. Today I'm checking out
The 'Worlds thinnest Laptop'
This is from HP, it's called the Spectre
And it is... Thinner than a pen, thinner than this pen
10.4 mm (millimeters) thin.
Let's jump inside the box and see what it's all about
Ok, as you guys can tell that is...
That is crazy thin.
Your probably wondering like 'Ok it's thin, am I giving something up, what am I giving up in exchange for
ultra portability
Actually in this case not a ton
If you look around the device you'll notice
You've got 3 usb C's on the back
This one is going to be used to power up the device as well
unlike some other ultra thin laptops on the market
Your not giving up connectivity there with multiple ports
and then you've also got a headphone jack in this location on the back
now, if you've got a bunch of older usb equipment
and you need to have the traditional connector
you have an adaptor included as well, that's simple stuff
Let's go ahead and test that out
and then Boom.
Here's the power brick, it's fairly portable again
What about the specs?
You're going to be able to configure this guy with either
a core i5 or a core i7 processor
it's not underpowered.
One of my favourite things is this hinge design here
as you can tell, it's super smooth
but very unusual.
Because it's using some piston technology
in underneath the hood there.
Completely new HP logo
Ultra modern to go with
the kind of ultra modern vibe.
You've got this copper along the bottom
The top of this laptop is aluminum but then
But then the bottom side is actually carbon fiber
You guys know i'm a huge fan of carbon fiber
whenever it can be used
you'll notice the way these feet sit
it actually keeps the the bottom of the laptop up off the surface it's on a little bit
thats going to help with cooling.
you can also see this unique layout
for the grills where the fan is
this guy comes in at 2.55 pounds
You are hardly going to notice that.
Now the audio on this device is by bang and olufsen
with HP audio boost
You can see the speaker grills there
I like what they've done, just to add a little bit of interest
a little bit of uniqueness
The keyboard is very low profile, a chiclet style keyboard
It also has a backlight on it so
if you're working in bed late at night
and so on, you want to keep the lights dim
maybe your trying to set the mood
there's also a dedicated button for aeroplane mode
and then of course the display
it is ips technology
what you'll notice is as i sort of twist the display a little bit
you're getting no colour shift
in the image
Video. can it it play video? Yes, of course.
Look at this "Another video" here you go Jack
"Do I still have to do the 'What's up guys' thing?"
1080p, full HD display
and 13.3" (inches) diagonally
Now the display is actually covered in Gorilla Glass rather than the standard stuff
Thats going to give you some extra durability characteristics that i'm sure you're aware of.
You can also spec it out with an SSD up to 512Gb
This model i'm looking at here has 8Gb of RAM as well
You've essentially got your traditional laptop specs
just jammed into a much thinner profile.
How thin? This pen is actually thicker than the entire device
It's the same thickness the entire way
Now, when it comes to battery life
your going to be looking at roughly all day
or HP is claiming 8+ hours
so there you have it guys,
The new HP Spectre
The 'Worlds Thinnest Laptop'
You are now aware of it, this thing is launching very soon
It's really a unique design, i'm a fan of it.
Big thanks to HP for inviting me out here to Paris
to check out their latest and greatest
Thank you very much for watching guys and i'll catch you on the next episode
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The World's Thinnest Laptop!

8 Folder Collection
Amos Lin published on May 14, 2020
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