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- Hola, amigos, it's me, Rosita. (chuckles)
I just finished writing my very own story with my mommy.
Do you wanna hear it?
Uh, huh.
It's called "Rosita the Grouch."
I thought about the title myself.
(laughs loudly)
Okay, here goes. (clears throat)
Once upon a time, a monster
named Rosita
was feeling
really, really grouchy.
She was grouchy because she couldn't go to school
or play with her friends on the playground.
And she couldn't even visit her abuela
so she felt like she was stuck in Oscar's trash can.
But then, her mommy set up a letter scavenger hunt
around the house.
She built a giant pillow fort
inside with her pappy and she played a fun guessing game
with her abuela over video chat. (laughs)
she learned that she could still do all the things
she loved, just a little differently.
She didn't feel grouchy,
now she felt happy.
The end. (laughs enjoyably)
Did you like my story?
You can make up your own story just like mine.
A grownup can help you write the words
and you can draw the pictures.
And don't forget the happy ending. (laughs loudly)
(telephone ringing) Oh, Oh,
my abuela's calling me again.
See you soon amigo.
- [Announcer] Caring for each other.
Visit sesamestreet.org/caring for videos, activities
and tips for the whole family.
(shrill drum vibration)
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Sesame Street: Rosita the Grouch | #CaringForEachOther

3 Folder Collection
Summer published on May 14, 2020
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