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00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:04,859 Hi guys! I'm your teacher Luke and today I have a question for you... why do we
sometimes put an extra do in positive sentences? Like this
"I do like kimchi" or "I do want to go away this weekend". Usually "do" as an auxiliary
00:00:18,920 --> 00:00:22,400 verb is only used in questions and negatives.
00:00:22,900 --> 00:00:23,400
00:00:23,400 --> 00:00:28,109 "Do you like waking up early in the morning?" "No, I don't like waking up early"
00:00:28,609 --> 00:00:33,870 In a positive sentence, we would answer this question like this "Yes, I like
waking up early" So then why do we sometimes use an extra "do" in positive
"Yes, I do like waking up early"
well there are two reasons for you to use an
extra do. One reason we use an extra do in a positive sentence is for emphasis.
Tell me which sounds stronger to you... I like waking up early. I do like waking up
Right it's the second one. That extra do provides quite a lot more
emphasis to your sentence. do or does can be used in the present simple
and did can be used in the past simple. They go before the main verb and they get the
main stress in the sentence. Listen to these "I do love eating kimchi it's
delicious" "he does look tired ,I hope he's okay." "they did have a great time in Spain"
Another reason we use an extra do is to show contrast between two ideas. For
example, "even though studying Chinese is difficult, I do try my best." "I don't eat
much sweet food, but I do enjoy eating ice cream after my dinner." "My boss said
my email was late but I did send it on time." To sum up we use an extra do in
positive sentences for two reasons. The first reason is for extra emphasis and
the second is to show contrast. But remember put the stress on the two when
you speak in "I do enjoy making English grammar videos for you."
Okay that's it for me today I hope this was helpful and I'll see you next
time! Bye :)
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Quick English Grammar! How to use 'do'. English Grammar Lesson

18 Folder Collection
nanako.kamiya published on May 12, 2020
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