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[announcer] -Welcome to the game everyone plays when they log on to Twitter:
Oh no! Why is this Trending?
-Hello and welcome back to another exciting episode of: Oh no! Why is this trending?
Now if you've ever been on Twitter, I don't need to explain the rules to you.
You know how this works.
You guys ready to play?
-Ooh yeah. -Happy to be here Mike. -Yes.
-Alright. Here we go.
First one.
Mel Brooks.
Oh no, what happened? Why is Mel Brooks trending?
-Ah, fuck, did he die?
-He did not die.
[all sigh with relief]
-Man, he's good.
-Yeah. -That's great.
-Uh, wait.
Did he say something sexist or racist?
-Okay, good.
-Is it his birthday?
-It is his birthday!
-And a majority of Twitter decided they wanted to comment on it.
For some reason.
-Happy... Happy Birthday.
-Happy Birthday! -Yeah.
Make a Movie a Porno.
The fuck is this?
Why are people talking about this?
-That's Matt Midnight bullshit.
-Yes, if it's some stupid pun thing, pretty much always.
Good job, points for you, Grant.
What about... just France?
A whole country all of a sudden.
Oh no, what could this possibly be?
-Ohh, is it some terrorism thing?
It feels like it might be a terrorism thing.
-It feels like that, but it's not.
It's not.
-But did, like, a train derail or something?
-No, no, it's not that either.
-Um, if everyone's talking about France,
That means something bad happened, probably.
And also, #niece was trending earlier.
Is any of this anything?
-No, no, you're all on the wrong track entirely.
France is trending because they won a sports championship you've never heard of before.
And Zac, it's actually #nice that's trending.
A bunch of people are posting Vines where they just say "niiiice."
-No, no, no, we're saying "nice," Zac.
-Next question.
Donald Trump.
Christ, what did he do now? Jesus fucking Christ, why is he trending?
-Did he die?
-He did not die, I'm sorry to say, no.
-Uh, did he say something sexist or racist?
-Almost constantly, but that's not why he's trending.
-Is it also his birthday?
-Oh, that's a very good guess, but I'm afraid that's incorrect, though.
Donald Trump is trending because he won another primary.
[crowd boos]
-I don't know.
Okay, next.
Can you tell me which of these is a liberal hashtag that got taken over by conservatives,
And which was a conservative hashtag that got hijacked by liberals?
-That's correct, it's impossible to tell.
Very good, Grant.
Okay, what about... #beefurday?
Like Saturday, but for beef.
Who talks like this? How is this trending?
-It's a sponsored tweet!
-That's correct, it is a sponsored tweet!
Thousands of fake accounts were created, and real people were given real money
To talk about Beefurday.
This is the world we live in.
Okay, we're on to our last question.
Wario Batali.
Why is this trending?
What is so intriguing about Wario Batali
That thousands of people are talking about it right now?
[music goes off]
Oh, and that sound means we're out of time.
Uh, unfortunately, we don't have the correct answer either.
It turns out the whole Internet just decided to start talking about this Photoshopped picture
Of an evil version of chef Mario Batali.
-Ah, that makes sense.
-No it doesn't.
Points from Grant.
-And that's all the time we have!
Jpin us the next time you log on to Twitter
For the only game that makes you equally confused and afraid:
Oh no. Why is THIS Trending?!
-Who won?
Hi, it's Mike Trapp from CollegeHumor.
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Oh No. Why is THIS Trending?!

11 Folder Collection
luna.chou published on May 12, 2020
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