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- [Interviewer] How would you like to die?
- Quickly, the one time I thought I was going to die
in a car accident, the words that went through
my head were "I'm going to die, that's fine,
please make it quick."
(upbeat music)
- [Interviewer] How would you like to die?
- Uh.
- Oh my god.
- Um.
- I don't know, (laughs) I don't know.
- Oh, is there a good way to die?
- No, it all sounds painful.
It all sounds like it sucks.
- I just want it to be quick.
- Quickly. - Quickly.
- Quickly. - Quickly.
- I just want it to be quick and easy and over with.
- I don't know how I wanna go,
but I don't wanna die suffering.
- Like maybe if I stepped out in front of a bus
and its just like boom, you're dead.
- [Interviewer] How would you like to die?
- Lack of oxygen.
- I'd like to drown.
- Hypothermia.
Cause you get really warm and comfortable.
- I would like to die in my sleep.
- In my sleep.
- Sleep.
- Sleep.
- Sleep.
- Sleep.
- Sleep.
- Sleep.
- I just hope I'm asleep.
- I wanna know that I'm gonna die.
I don't wanna fall asleep and then not wake up.
- Everyone who says,
"Oh, I just wanna fall asleep."
That is so selfish.
I want it to be like in the movies
so that everyone can say goodbye.
- [Narrator] How would you like to die?
- Naturally, surrounded by family.
- Family.
- Friends.
- Loved ones.
- I wanna be shot, like, just dead in the face.
- I will hire someone
to shoot me in the back of the head while I'm not looking.
- I mean, if I got, shot and I instantly died,
that would be cool.
- I don't wanna be a stereotype though,
I don't wanna get shot.
Or be shot by the police, that's even worse.
- [Narrator] How would you like to die?
- Peacefully.
- Peacefully.
- Peaceful.
- Peaceful as possible.
- Peaceful.
- Peacefully.
- Painless.
- No pain, and maybe some, like, Bon Iver
playing in the background.
- I wanna be outside surrounded by woodland creatures
and glorious symphony music playing.
- [Narrator] How would you like to die?
- After having lived a life where I felt satisfied.
- Feeling accomplished.
- Knowing that, like, I've did all the things
I wanna do in life.
- If you died with a smile on your face,
that's the best way to go.
- I've accomplished everything that I needed to do,
my family's taken care of, I'm good to go.
- I wouldn't wanna die with regrets.
- I would like to die knowing I did my best.
- [Narrator] You don't wanna go out
with a bang?
- I mean,
if I do my best trying to help other people
and I happen to go out like that,
you know, hey!
- I'm taking somebody down,
I'm fighting for somebody's life.
Need the action to be hot, things are happening,
and then, ah!
- Because I grew up in a war zone, I always had like,
these fantasies of, like,
being on the battlefield, the enemy's closing in on you,
back against the wall.
Just imagine myself running out, knife in my teeth,
going out for blaze of glory.
That's a little dark. (laughs)
- [Narrator] How would you like to die?
- I would want it to be meaningful.
Trayvon Martin's death was very, very powerful
and it personally opened my eyes
to a lot of injustices that are going around
and I would want my death to have
some kind of impact the way Trayvon Martin's death did.
- I just wanna die knowing that I accomplished
whatever God sent me here for.
- I suppose, to me, it doesn't actually really matter.
As long as I've made some sort of
positive impact on the world.
- [Narrator] How do you wanna die?
- Very old.
- Old. - Old age.
- Old.
- Old with grandchildren kissing me.
- If I was like, old or something,
and I just was like, fuck it,
you know, and drove a motorcycle into the ocean.
That's really dope.
- I kind of wanna be one of those missing persons reports.
I wanna just vanish.
- I would like to die in outer space.
- I wanna be like a Earth human specimen that like somebody
on the other side of the galaxy could find.
- A plane crash would be a pretty good way to go.
- In a plane crash.
- [Narrator] Why?
- Because I love flying!
- A lover's spat.
Where I get stabbed in the back
as he is doing me.
- I would like to die having sex.
- Having sex.
- Maybe skydiving, and my parachute popped.
- Fall off a mountain.
- Rat poison.
- After a good meal.
- If I'm gonna go out, I'm gonna go full.
- How would I like to die?
I'm on a big ass house, on acres of land,
and so I'm walking with my farm animals
and I'm gonna be like, dying on the ground,
and the animals are gonna be crying
and then I'm gonna tell my wife to come out and just
clean me off.
Between the eyes.
That's a good turn, huh?
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How Would You Like to Die? | Keep It 100 | Cut

13 Folder Collection
doris.lai published on May 12, 2020
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