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  • Hello everyone, I'm Kiwan and welcome to Hello Everything!

  • To all the bright young minds out there, are you guys staying safe at home from the coronavirus?

  • It's more fun now that your parents are working at home, isn't it?

  • I hope you're not feeling upset about spending too much time at home instead of going out to play.

  • I'm sure you guys already know how to stay safe and protect yourselves from the coronavirus.

  • Not touching your face, washing your hands very often and staying at home to avoid getting close to people who are sick.

  • But I understand that sometimes you have no choice but to leave the house.

  • Some of you guys are still going to schools, and when you've eaten all the food in your house, you may have to go grocery shopping with your parents.

  • To protect yourself from the coronavirus you must wear a face mask whenever you go outside.

  • Leaving the house nowadays is like setting foot in the battlefield.

  • And wearing a face mask is like wearing a full-body armor on your face before you go to battle.

  • A face mask will protect you from the possible coronavirus that got out of someone's mouth from landing on your nose and mouth.

  • This is '5 things to remember when wearing a face mask'.

  • Before putting on a mask, wash your hands with soap and water.

  • When you put the mask on, make sure it covers both your nose, mouth, and chin.

  • Don't let the coronavirus get to your nose and mouth through the gap.

  • Don't push the mask up or pull it down from your face while you're wearing it.

  • Never touch the front of the mask.

  • There might be droplets from other people's cough or sneeze on your mask.

  • That's why it's important not to touch it with your hands.

  • As soon as you have safely made it back home, take it off by only holding the ear bands.

  • Put in the hamper to wash it before using it again.

  • And wash your hands with soap and water one more time.

  • Children younger than 2 years of age should not wear a mask.

  • They can't have anything covering their mouths because they might have trouble breathing.

  • So it's okay if your younger brother or sister isn't wearing one.

  • Protect them by keeping them safe at home.

  • There is nothing more important than staying safe and being healthy in your life.

  • We all have to get through the coronavirus and go back to school to realize our dreams and goals.

  • So if someone is coughing or sneezing near you, keep your distance from them.

  • But I want you guys to keep in mind that you are never 100% safe even if you're wearing a mask.

  • So, why don't we stay in our homes where it's probably the safest place to be?

Hello everyone, I'm Kiwan and welcome to Hello Everything!

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5 Things to Remember When Wearing a Face Mask | Protect Your Children From Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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