B2 High-Intermediate 10 Folder Collection
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You're going down, tubby!
Tubby? Nobody calls me tubby!
Wait, Patrick.
You're supposed to let me win, remember?
Oh, yeah.
No please, wait.
No, please, have mercy!
I won't give into your timeshare vacation scam!
Then give in to my fists.
Or I'm gonna be on your like ugly on an ant!
You all gonna take back what you said.
Almost there!
SpongeBob, you've been messing with the bull!
Now here come the horns!
Sandy, no!
Howdy, y'all!
Medieval Sandy!
By the hammer of Odin,
this be a new fighting style mine eyes have not yet seen.
I am bad! Oh yeah, woo!
Doth thou tryeth to insult me?
Thou whilst drink from the fountain of shame!
Psh, do you hear that Patrick? I told you she sings like a squirrel.
Good one, Medieval Sandy!
But can you handle my feet of fury?
Wouldest thou like a little rub down?
You have bested me, yellow knight.
Strike quick and true, noble sponge.
I don't understand a word you just said!
Medieval Sandy? You don't look so good.
[music playing]
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If SpongeBob Was a Fighting Arcade Game PART 2 ?SpongeBob SquareOff

10 Folder Collection
Summer published on May 11, 2020
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