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So here's the thing,
I'm into you.
Like, I could name every class
you've had for the last two years.
But I won't do that,
and I know you'd never be my boyfriend,
because you're you and I'm me.
But, I was wondering if you would ever consider
having sex with me?
♪ Get down, get down, get down ♪
♪ Somebody said you got a new friend ♪
Zayum is right Devi, this is some really heavy stuff.
Hey, haven't seen you all week.
Yeah, I've been busy.
So listen, I'm sorry my mom was
so crazy to you the other day.
It's fine, I don't really care what your mom thinks.
I mean, honestly, I got into a
huge fight with her after that.
Listen, I need to get to class.
For sure.
But, would you maybe want to
hang out after school, or something?
I don't know.
I like, have a lot going on with swimming and stuff.
I'm going to ask Jonah to come over
and watch unreleased Ariana Grande footage.
Before you know it, we'll all be boinking at prom.
Okay, boyfriend here I co...
(school bell chimes)
Hey Jonah.
Ew, you're bleeding.
Okay, great!
We'll compare calendars tomorrow or something,
we'll figure it out.
Later, skater.
Whoa, it looks so good.
You killed it, like it looks professional.
Thanks, big B.
'Cause earlier, you called me little D?
Oh, I did?
Ah, beer, you read my mind.
Alright, well my mom will be home soon so,
better get to it.
♪ Come closer♪
You just seem, lost.
(laughs) You know what?
I should have just let you drink Trent's ball juice.
And I'm not lost, I know exactly where I am.
You want a drink?
Oh yeah, beer me.
Love dat bread soda.
Do people call it that?
Yeah, I think they do.
Are you not having one?
Nah, I don't drink during swim season.
Got to keep the body right, you know?
Yeah, totally.
If I had your body, I'd treat it right too.
Um... thanks for the ride and the kiss.
I mean the kiss.
I mean the clothes.
There are more boys coming
and going in this than the GameStop at the mall.
Look, I can go,
seems like a bad time.
You just weren't responding to texts.
Don't go Paxton, and you haven't returned Devi back
her dress that she took off in your car.
Okay, I did take of my dress
and leave it in his car,
but not in the way you think I did.
Don't even try.
That Devi's having what?
No, no, no, no I didn't, I didn't have sex.
I was lying.
I lied to everyone, okay? I'm a big virgin fraud.
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The Most Awkward Moments From Never Have I Ever | Netflix

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on May 11, 2020
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