B2 High-Intermediate 9 Folder Collection
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-"Everything is Mama."
Jimmy Fallon.
-Wow! And what's this say? "To..."
-"To Winnie, Frannie, and Nancy.
You are my everything."
-"Everything is Mama." You are my everything.
-Mama! -That's right. Okay.
"Everything is Mama, according to you,
but there are other fun words that you'll want to know, too"!
See the mom standing there with the balloon?
Who has the balloon?
-Both: The bear. -No.
-Oh, yeah. The penguin.
-[ Chuckle ] Who has the apple?
-The koala.
-[ Laughing ] Yeah, but he's like a sloth, I think.
-Sloth. -Oh, yeah. Yeah, sure.
"Sun. Mama!"
-"Sun. Mama!"
-Hey, good job. -Ma-mama.
-Hey, Frannie, this is good.
Alright, how about this one? Ready?
-[ Fussing ]
-"Waffle. Mama!" -I don't like this.
-C'mere, c'mere. Come back here.
C'mere. Come on back here.
-I love you. -"Waffle. Mama!"
-Can I see? -Yeah.
-"Waffle. Mama!"
-"Waffle. Mama! -[ Chuckle ]
-"Waffle. Mama!" -Yeah.
-"Hat. Mama!"
-"Hat. Mama!"
-"Hat. Mama!"
-[ Laughs ]
Both: "Shoe. Mama!"
-You can read?! -"Shoe. Mama!"
[ Laughter ]
-"You can read?" Yeah, you can.
-No, I can't! -Well, you're about to.
[ Gasp ] -Both: "Flower. Mama!"
-How do you know? -[ Laughs ]
-Can you believe she's reading this?
-She's reading!
-No, I'm not. I just see the pictures.
-"Boat. Ma- Quack!" -[ Laughing ] I gotcha.
-"Boat." -"Quack!"
[ Laughs ] The little duck
always gets it wrong.
But he tries.
Both: "Apples. Mama!"
-Look at the sloth
with the apples. -Mama right there!
Mama right there! -That's right.
Mama's right there. Alright. Come back, kitty.
That's right. Hey, we're almost done.
-"Ball. Mama!" -Good job! "Ball. Mama!"
-"Ball. Mama!"
-Wait. There's only like two more left.
[ Gasp ] This is my favorite one.
Both: "Balloon. Mama!"
-Hey -- -You can read!
-No, I can't!
-[ Laughing ]
-Then how are you reading?
-I just look at picture.
-You both having baby talk? -Mm-hmm.
-What's this? Oh, this is --
-"Noodles. Mama!"
-"Noodles. Mama!"
-Noodles! We love noodles.
And Mama, Mama. We love Mama.
Alright. -We love Mama, Mama!
-Oh, two more left.
Ready? You know what this one is.
-"Bubble. Mama!"
-"Bubble. Mama!" -Bubbles!
You had bubbles. You were blowing bubbles yesterday.
-Mama was blowing bubbles. -That's right.
Mama was actually blowing bubbles.
Pa-Pa-- -"Pajama. Mama!"
-"Pajama. Mama!"
-[ Imitating pronunciation ] "Pajama. Mama!"
-[ Laughs ]
-[ Laughs ]
[ Gasp ]
-"Moon. Mama!"
-"Moon. Mama!"
-"Moon." -Both: "Mama!"
-I wanna see the Moon.
Oh, yeah! And these are the stars.
-Yep. [ Laughter ]
-[ Gasp ] "Everything is Mama,
according to you,
but one day you'll see
Mama's everything is you."
-Wanh! -[ Laughs ]
-We love you, Mama, so much!
[ Laughing ] Happy Mother's Day.
We love you so much.
-I love you guys.
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Jimmy Reads "Everything Is Mama" with Daughters Winnie and Franny

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on May 11, 2020
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