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  • -Tonight, I'd like to close with a segment called "Who I Miss,"

  • in which I will tell you about crew members who,

  • with each passing day, I realize I could not do without.

  • They are happily safe and healthy and home,

  • but they are not with me.

  • ♪♪

  • I miss Gene Kelly.

  • Gene Kelly is one of our cameramen.

  • He is also not this Gene Kelly.

  • A comedy writer's dream is a person with the same name

  • as a famous person that looks nothing like that famous person.

  • Another comedy writer's dream is when that person

  • has a million-dollar voice.

  • Gene's voice is so good that he's been put

  • in multiple sketches over the years.

  • Here's one where he puts me to sleep.

  • -The show is over.

  • The sun's gone down.

  • Our sleepy host must rest his precious crown.

  • -Gene also has a very recognizable

  • warm and loving laugh.

  • It's a laugh that I love to hear,

  • yet, for some reason, Gene will often be

  • the only one laughing at a joke that I tell

  • in front of a studio audience.

  • So, it's just me, bombing with a joke,

  • followed by what is clearly Gene

  • chuckling from behind the camera.

  • I always thought there was no sound quieter

  • than just Gene laughing --

  • until I started doing shows in my attic.

  • 1The point is, I miss Gene.

-Tonight, I'd like to close with a segment called "Who I Miss,"

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Who I Miss: Late Night’s Gene Kelly

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/05/08
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