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-So, I wanna ask you
about this -- In the wake
of Tara Reade's allegations against Joe Biden,
you wrote a really beautifully written post on Medium,
that I recommend everybody check out.
You talked about being a sexual assault survivor, yourself,
and how survivors' justice
is a really hard thing to achieve.
How do you think moments like this need to be addressed,
regardless of political party?
-Well, they have to be addressed in good faith
and I have to, you know, just point out the fact
that I think many who are offering commentary
in the discourse are not doing that in good faith.
They don't care about survivors' healing and justice.
They don't care about due process.
You know, they're doing what people have done
for far too long, and that is to take this issue,
to take my survivor community,
and use people as political fodder and footballs.
These are the same people that vote consistently
against the Violence Against Women Act authorization,
which is still sitting on the desk of Mitch McConnell.
So, we have to operate in good faith.
We have been to be good faith partners.
We have to be willing to have hard conversations.
I think we have not gotten this right,
as a society, as lawmakers, as a culture,
and this is an opportunity, through partnership
and hard conversations, to get there.
-You were recently honored
as Villain of the Week on Fox News.
-[ Scoff ] -Is that
[ Laughing ] something that
you take as a point of pride,
when something like that happens?
-Let me brush my shoulder.
[ Laughter ]
So let me just say this.
I'm so proud of our daughter Cora.
She recently earned straight "A's"; and, in fact, two "A+",
one in Spanish and one in science.
And, you know, we printed it out and we put it up, you know,
on our family sort of wall/ bulletin board
and I did the same thing when that came out.
If Fox is calling me the Villain of the Week,
that is really only evidence that I'm being
the woman my mother raised me to be
and that I am advancing progressive values
and making people uncomfortable in the pursuit of progress,
and I am perfectly fine with that.
So, judge me by my enemies, please.
-Congresswoman, thank you so much
for making the time for us today.
It was a delight to talk to you
and keep up the good work.
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Rep. Ayanna Pressley Takes Pride in Being Named Fox News’ Villain of the Week

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on May 9, 2020
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