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- Would you like a welcome beverage?
- Yeah, thanks.
- Hi, have you sat here before?
- Every day.
- Great, so you're familiar with the exit?
- Yeah.
- I just need to run through some safety points
with you quite quickly.
In the event that you do need to use the exit,
I need you to look outside first for any dangers.
Would you care for a hot towel?
- [Male] What?
- Would you care for a hot towel?
- I guess so.
- Enjoy.
- Thanks.
- Such as smoke, fire, water or debris.
As long as it's clear outside,
you're free and good to open it.
Sir, hi.
- What?
- I need you to stow your laptop.
- Why?
- For safety.
Thank you.
Jut move the latch to the down position
and slide that exit back along it's track.
Do you understand what I'm asking you to do?
- It's a door, it works like a door.
- Great, so I do just need everything stowed away
while we're here in the event
that we do need to use the door quickly.
- From my desk?
- Everything stowed away.
Care for a sweet or salty snack?
Sweet or salty snack?
Would you care for a sweet or salty snack?
- I love that you're trying to work from home,
but I'm trying to watch a movie okay.
So can you just please knock it off.
- Sweet or salty?
- No.
I gotta work, you go do a yoga class or something,
it's gettin' ridiculous.
- Okay.
There are a total of eight emergency exits onboard.
Two window exits located mid cabin, over the wings.
Two door exits at the front and two door exits at the rear.
Please take a moment to find the exit closest to.
(French speaking)
Sir, seat belt sign is still on.
- When did we get that?
- There's someone in there sir.
- In our bathroom?
- Yes, it's occupied.
I'm gonna need you to wait by the counter.
- We don't even live with anybody else.
- Yes, over by the counter please, I need this area clear.
- It's just you and me, what the (beeping)!
- Duty free for purchase.
Would you like to purchase some duty free?
- Are you trying to sell me my own alcohol?
- So would you like to purchase some duty free?
- I got that for my birthday.
- Is that a no?
- No!
- Duty free for purchase.
Duty free for purchase.
- Who are you talking to?
- It's ready for you sir, thanks for waiting.
- Yeah, thanks.
- Just, up then go.
- Thanks.
How do you get the light on?
- Hey, I miss you, how are you?
- Are you Face-timing me from the bedroom?
- Yeah, I had the longest day.
Hi, do you have your boarding pass?
- My what?
- Your boarding pass, this seat requires an upgrade fee sir.
- I literally bought this couch.
(upbeat music)
♪ Give it to me. ♪
♪ Give it to me Wes. ♪
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When Flight Attendants Work From Home!!

17 Folder Collection
luna.chou published on May 8, 2020
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