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Here's something to brighten up 2
your pandemic Mother's Day. 3
Lots of floral shops 4
have just been given the okay to reopen. 5
In Downtown Los Angeles, 6
the owner of Athletic Club flower shop 7
is fast at work preparing 8
for the biggest floral holiday of the year. 9
It's kind of caught me by surprise , 10
I wasn't expecting it to be open so soon, 11
especially in a big Mother's Day weekend, 12
so, I'm just it's trying to figure out the logistics 13
of having my help come in 14
and also keeping the safety protocols 15
Adriana Vila, 16
says he's offering floral deliveries 17
and no contact curbside pickup. 18
Wanna save money and make your own Mother's Day gifts, 19
Lifestyle Expert Karen Antonini shows us how 20
to make a sugar salt scrub. 21
So you're just gonna wanna take one cup of sugar 22
and about three quarters cup if you're using a liquid 23
form of your coconut oil 24
and then add any kind of essential oil 25
and stir that together and that consistency 26
should look something like this. 27
You can also transform a wine bottle 28
into a pretty painted vase. 29
Just start painting, 30
this is great young kids can do it older 31
and for added touches, you can add hearts. 32
Here's Diane McInerney. 33
If you wanna treat mom to a special meal, 34
lots of restaurants 35
are preparing Mother's Day takeout only menus 36
like Akasha restaurant here in Culver City, California. 37
Owner Akasha Richmond gives Diane a preview. 38
So many people associate Mother's Day 39
with Mother's Day brunch. 40
What can customers expect this Mother's Day? 41
This Mother's Day, we have some branch foods 42
for reheating at home. 43
We have a brisket hash that's fully cooked 44
and you pop it in the oven heated up 45
and add eggs any way you like them. 46
These are cinnamon rolls, 47
and you add the glaze yourself and then we have the quiche. 48
Now time to sample first, brisket hash. 49
Oh my gosh that's delicious. 50
Next, the cinnamon roll. 51
This is so good. 52
(washing) 53
To watch it down, 54
the Mother's Day bubble bath cocktail, 55
which includes; vodka, lavender tea, lime and a gavi. 56
Hey, maybe it will make mom forget about the pandemic 57
Cheers. Cheers. 58
(upbeat music)
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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day During a Pandemic

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on May 8, 2020
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