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-been waiting for the governor to give us
a chance to get back open,
and he did, at 25% capacity, so that's great.
-It's what we're doing. We decided to open today,
even if the mall show us
that maybe it wasn't the best decision,
but we prefer to open than sitting at home.
I just hope that people will get used to it, soon as possible,
and the business will be back
and we can bring back our employees.
-For the past couple weeks, we've been open for pickups,
you know, to-gos; and deliveries,
but today's the first day we're actually open.
We can only open 25% of our occupancy,
so, that's only six tables in this room.
-We're just really hoping and seeing what comes about
from the guidelines that are set for us, so, now,
we think that it will probably eventually get to 50% occupancy.
When that happens, we don't know,
but the discussion internally was,
"This is where we'll probably be for a while".
-I personally do think it's a little early.
I do think it's a little early because,
just because, you know, we're not at the rate
of places like New York,
for example, or LA, doesn't mean that like it's gone.
With this all happening,
a lot of people have taken off work, too,
because they're just too scared to come in.
You know, that's my opinion. That's me, personally.
But, as a waitress, you know,
I think we do need to get the economy going.
It's at a standstill and I think the only way
to get things to turn is to start turning them.
-A lot of regular customers have already come back
and thanked us for bein' open and we can lose less money now.
-We've probably lost about 50% of our regular revenue
through doing online-only or delivery-only, yeah.
Which, it was challenging.
-We did 25% of normal sales.
You can imagine how much negative money
would be lost doin' that.
-I feel like Houstonians have been listening
to all of the things that have been going on,
I think, which is why it hasn't spiked up.
But I don't think that we should get comfortable yet.
I think that we should still be very on edge and not be like,
"Oh, you know, restaurants are opening, you know,
that means let's, you know, go ahead
and have a party of 30, 40 people".
-Stay safe and make sure that all your family is safe.
Don't make the money or anything else to make your mind
been changed over something like this because,
our health, it's the most important thing we have.
-Do you need any change? -Do I need any change?
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Houston businesses partially reopen with mixed emotions

12 Folder Collection
小林志津夫 published on May 7, 2020
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