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  • - (yawning) Boy, it's almost time for bed,

  • so Elmo's doing his bedtime routine.

  • These are all the things that Elmo does before bed.

  • Elmo had dinner with his mommy and daddy.

  • (bell ringing) It was yummy!

  • Veggie spaghetti. (giggling)

  • Then, Elmo took a bath. (bell ringing)

  • See?

  • Elmo's squeaky clean. (fur squeaking)

  • (laughing) Next, Elmo's going to put on his PJs,

  • brush his teeth, read a bedtime story,

  • and sing a lullaby with his daddy.

  • Hey, Elmo can practice singing his lullaby with you.

  • Elmo and his daddy are going to sing "Rock-A-Bye Baby."

  • Do you know it?

  • Let's sing it together.

  • Rock-A-Bye, baby

  • In the treetop

  • When the wind blows

  • The cradle will rock

  • (yawning) Oh, excuse Elmo.

  • When the bough breaks

  • The cradle will fall

  • And down will come baby

  • Cradle and all

  • (yawning) Great job, everybody!

  • Boy, Elmo's getting really sleepy.

  • Elmo better finish his bedtime routine.

  • Elmo still needs to put on his PJs,

  • brush his teeth, read a bedtime story,

  • and sing with Elmo's daddy.

  • Oh, have a great night, everybody!

  • Sweet dreams!

  • Elmo loves you.

  • Rock-A-Bye baby

  • (upbeat whimsical music)

  • - [Announcer] Caring for Each Other.

  • Visit for videos,

  • activities, and tips for the whole family.

- (yawning) Boy, it's almost time for bed,

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Sesame Street: Elmo's Bedtime Routine | #CaringForEachOther

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    Summer posted on 2020/05/06
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